Class ConfigurationLookup

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    public class ConfigurationLookup
    extends Object
    implements Lookup

    A specialized implementation of the Lookup interface which uses a Configuration object to resolve variables.

    This class is passed an ImmutableConfiguration object at construction time. In its implementation of the lookup() method it simply queries this configuration for the passed in variable name. So the keys passed to lookup() are mapped directly to configuration properties.

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        public Object lookup​(String variable)
        Looks up the value of the specified variable. This method is called by ConfigurationInterpolator with the variable name extracted from the expression to interpolate (i.e. the prefix name has already been removed). A concrete implementation has to return the value of this variable or null if the variable name is unknown. This implementation calls getProperty() on the associated configuration. The return value is directly returned. Note that this may be a complex object, e.g. a collection or an array.
        Specified by:
        lookup in interface Lookup
        variable - the name of the variable to be resolved
        the value of this variable or null