Interface PropertiesConfiguration.IOFactory

All Known Implementing Classes:
PropertiesConfiguration.DefaultIOFactory, PropertiesConfiguration.JupIOFactory
Enclosing class:

public static interface PropertiesConfiguration.IOFactory

Definition of an interface that allows customization of read and write operations.

For reading and writing properties files the inner classes PropertiesReader and PropertiesWriter are used. This interface defines factory methods for creating both a PropertiesReader and a PropertiesWriter. An object implementing this interface can be passed to the setIOFactory() method of PropertiesConfiguration. Every time the configuration is read or written the IOFactory is asked to create the appropriate reader or writer object. This provides an opportunity to inject custom reader or writer implementations.

  • Method Details

    • createPropertiesReader

      Creates a PropertiesReader for reading a properties file. This method is called whenever the PropertiesConfiguration is loaded. The reader returned by this method is then used for parsing the properties file.
      in - the underlying reader (of the properties file)
      the PropertiesReader for loading the configuration
    • createPropertiesWriter

      Creates a PropertiesWriter for writing a properties file. This method is called before the PropertiesConfiguration is saved. The writer returned by this method is then used for writing the properties file.
      out - the underlying writer (to the properties file)
      handler - the list delimiter delimiter for list parsing
      the PropertiesWriter for saving the configuration