Interface BeanCreationContext

public interface BeanCreationContext

Definition of a context object storing all required information for the creation of a bean.

An object implementing this interface is passed to a BeanFactory. The interface also contains methods for the creation and initialization of nested beans (e.g. constructor arguments or complex properties of the bean to be created).

  • Method Details

    • createBean

      Creates a bean based on the given BeanDeclaration. This method can be used to create dependent beans needed for the initialization of the bean that is actually created.
      data - the BeanDeclaration describing the bean
      the bean created based on this declaration
    • getBeanClass

      Gets the class of the bean to be created.
      the bean class
    • getBeanDeclaration

      Gets the BeanDeclaration with the data for the new bean. This data is used to initialize the bean's properties.
      the BeanDeclaration defining the bean to be created
    • getParameter

      Gets the (optional) parameter object for the bean factory. This is a mechanism which can be used to pass custom parameters to a BeanFactory.
      the parameter for the bean factory
    • initBean

      void initBean(Object bean, BeanDeclaration data)
      Initializes a bean's property based on the given BeanDeclaration.
      bean - the bean to be initialized
      data - the BeanDeclaration with initialization data for this bean