Class ConfigurationDeclaration

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A specialized BeanDeclaration implementation that represents the declaration of a configuration source.

Instances of this class are able to extract all information about a configuration source from the configuration definition file. The declaration of a configuration source is very similar to a bean declaration processed by XMLBeanDeclaration. There are very few differences, e.g. some reserved attributes like optional and at, and the fact that a bean factory is never needed.

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    • getAt

      public String getAt()
      Gets the value of the at attribute.
      the value of the at attribute (can be null)
    • getBeanClassName

      Gets the bean's class name. This implementation will always return null.
      Specified by:
      getBeanClassName in interface BeanDeclaration
      getBeanClassName in class XMLBeanDeclaration
      the name of the bean's class
    • getBeanFactoryName

      Gets the name of the bean factory. For configuration source declarations always a reserved factory is used. This factory's name is returned by this implementation.
      Specified by:
      getBeanFactoryName in interface BeanDeclaration
      getBeanFactoryName in class XMLBeanDeclaration
      the name of the bean factory
    • getConfigurationBuilder

      Gets the associated configuration builder.
      the configuration builder
    • getName

      public String getName()
      Gets the name for the represented configuration source. The name is optional, so this method can return null.
      the name of the associated configuration source or null
    • isForceCreate

      public boolean isForceCreate()
      Gets a flag whether this configuration should always be created and added to the resulting combined configuration. This flag is evaluated only for optional configurations whose normal creation has caused an error. If for such a configuration the forceCreate attribute is set and the corresponding configuration provider supports this mode, an empty configuration will be created and added to the resulting combined configuration.
      the value of the forceCreate attribute
    • isOptional

      public boolean isOptional()
      Gets a flag whether this is an optional configuration.
      a flag if this declaration points to an optional configuration
    • isReload

      public boolean isReload()
      Returns a flag whether a builder with reloading support should be created. This may not be supported by all configuration builder providers.
      a flag whether a reloading builder should be created
    • isReservedAttributeName

      protected boolean isReservedAttributeName(String name)
      Tests if the specified attribute name is reserved and thus does not point to a property of the bean to be created. This method is called when processing the attributes of this bean declaration. It is then possible to ignore some attributes with a specific meaning. This implementation delegates to XMLBeanDeclaration.isReservedName(String). This implementation checks for additional reserved attribute names. Note that in some cases the presence of other attribute names determine whether a name is reserved or not. For instance, per default the attribute config-at is reserved. However, if this attribute is not present, the attribute at is also considered as a reserved attribute. (This is mainly done for dealing with legacy configuration files supported by earlier versions of this library.)
      isReservedAttributeName in class XMLBeanDeclaration
      name - the name of the attribute to be checked
      a flag whether this name is reserved