Package org.apache.commons.mail

Commons-Email aims to provide a API for sending email.


Class Summary
ByteArrayDataSource This class implements a typed DataSource from:
- an InputStream
- a byte array
- a String
DefaultAuthenticator This is a very simple authentication object that can be used for any transport needing basic userName and password type authentication.
Email The base class for all email messages.
EmailAttachment This class models an email attachment.
HtmlEmail An HTML multipart email.
MultiPartEmail A multipart email.
SimpleEmail This class is used to send simple internet email messages without attachments.

Exception Summary
EmailException Exception thrown when a checked error occurs in commons-email.

Package org.apache.commons.mail Description

Commons-Email aims to provide a API for sending email. It is built on top of the Java Mail API, which it aims to simplify. All help is gratefully received.

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