Package org.apache.commons.math3.distribution

Implementations of common discrete and continuous distributions.


Interface Summary
IntegerDistribution Interface for distributions on the integers.
MultivariateRealDistribution Base interface for multivariate distributions on the reals.
RealDistribution Base interface for distributions on the reals.

Class Summary
AbstractIntegerDistribution Base class for integer-valued discrete distributions.
AbstractMultivariateRealDistribution Base class for multivariate probability distributions.
AbstractRealDistribution Base class for probability distributions on the reals.
BetaDistribution Implements the Beta distribution.
BinomialDistribution Implementation of the binomial distribution.
CauchyDistribution Implementation of the Cauchy distribution.
ChiSquaredDistribution Implementation of the chi-squared distribution.
EnumeratedDistribution<T> A generic implementation of a discrete probability distribution (Wikipedia) over a finite sample space, based on an enumerated list of <value, probability> pairs.
EnumeratedIntegerDistribution Implementation of an integer-valued EnumeratedDistribution.
EnumeratedRealDistribution Implementation of a real-valued EnumeratedDistribution.
ExponentialDistribution Implementation of the exponential distribution.
FDistribution Implementation of the F-distribution.
GammaDistribution Implementation of the Gamma distribution.
HypergeometricDistribution Implementation of the hypergeometric distribution.
KolmogorovSmirnovDistribution Implementation of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov distribution.
LevyDistribution This class implements the Lévy distribution.
LogNormalDistribution Implementation of the log-normal (gaussian) distribution.
MixtureMultivariateNormalDistribution Multivariate normal mixture distribution.
MixtureMultivariateRealDistribution<T extends MultivariateRealDistribution> Class for representing mixture model distributions.
MultivariateNormalDistribution Implementation of the multivariate normal (Gaussian) distribution.
NormalDistribution Implementation of the normal (gaussian) distribution.
PascalDistribution Implementation of the Pascal distribution.
PoissonDistribution Implementation of the Poisson distribution.
TDistribution Implementation of Student's t-distribution.
TriangularDistribution Implementation of the triangular real distribution.
UniformIntegerDistribution Implementation of the uniform integer distribution.
UniformRealDistribution Implementation of the uniform real distribution.
WeibullDistribution Implementation of the Weibull distribution.
ZipfDistribution Implementation of the Zipf distribution.

Package org.apache.commons.math3.distribution Description

Implementations of common discrete and continuous distributions.

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