Package org.apache.commons.math3.fitting

Classes to perform curve fitting.


Class Summary
CurveFitter<T extends ParametricUnivariateFunction> Fitter for parametric univariate real functions y = f(x).
GaussianFitter Fits points to a Gaussian function.
GaussianFitter.ParameterGuesser Guesses the parameters norm, mean, and sigma of a Gaussian.Parametric based on the specified observed points.
HarmonicFitter Class that implements a curve fitting specialized for sinusoids.
HarmonicFitter.ParameterGuesser This class guesses harmonic coefficients from a sample.
PolynomialFitter Polynomial fitting is a very simple case of curve fitting.
WeightedObservedPoint This class is a simple container for weighted observed point in curve fitting.

Package org.apache.commons.math3.fitting Description

Classes to perform curve fitting. Curve fitting is a special case of a least squares problem were the parameters are the coefficients of a function f whose graph y = f(x) should pass through sample points, and were the objective function is the squared sum of the residuals f(xi) - yi for observed points (xi, yi).

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