Package org.apache.commons.math3.genetics

This package provides Genetic Algorithms components and implementations.


Interface Summary
CrossoverPolicy Policy used to create a pair of new chromosomes by performing a crossover operation on a source pair of chromosomes.
Fitness Fitness of a chromosome.
MutationPolicy Algorithm used to mutate a chromosome.
PermutationChromosome<T> Interface indicating that the chromosome represents a permutation of objects.
Population A collection of chromosomes that facilitates generational evolution.
SelectionPolicy Algorithm used to select a chromosome pair from a population.
StoppingCondition Algorithm used to determine when to stop evolution.

Class Summary
AbstractListChromosome<T> Chromosome represented by an immutable list of a fixed length.
BinaryChromosome Chromosome represented by a vector of 0s and 1s.
BinaryMutation Mutation for BinaryChromosomes.
Chromosome Individual in a population.
ChromosomePair A pair of Chromosome objects.
CycleCrossover<T> Cycle Crossover [CX] builds offspring from ordered chromosomes by identifying cycles between two parent chromosomes.
ElitisticListPopulation Population of chromosomes which uses elitism (certain percentage of the best chromosomes is directly copied to the next generation).
FixedElapsedTime Stops after a fixed amount of time has elapsed.
FixedGenerationCount Stops after a fixed number of generations.
GeneticAlgorithm Implementation of a genetic algorithm.
ListPopulation Population of chromosomes represented by a List.
NPointCrossover<T> N-point crossover policy.
OnePointCrossover<T> One point crossover policy.
OrderedCrossover<T> Order 1 Crossover [OX1] builds offspring from ordered chromosomes by copying a consecutive slice from one parent, and filling up the remaining genes from the other parent as they appear.
RandomKey<T> Random Key chromosome is used for permutation representation.
RandomKeyMutation Mutation operator for RandomKeys.
TournamentSelection Tournament selection scheme.
UniformCrossover<T> Perform Uniform Crossover [UX] on the specified chromosomes.

Exception Summary
InvalidRepresentationException Exception indicating that the representation of a chromosome is not valid.

Package org.apache.commons.math3.genetics Description

This package provides Genetic Algorithms components and implementations.

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