Interface SparseRealMatrix

All Superinterfaces:
AnyMatrix, RealMatrix
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Deprecated. As of version 3.1, this class is deprecated, for reasons exposed in this JIRA ticket. This class will be removed in version 4.0.

public interface SparseRealMatrix
extends RealMatrix

Marker interface for RealMatrix implementations that require sparse backing storage

$Id: 1416643 2012-12-03 19:37:14Z tn $

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Methods inherited from interface org.apache.commons.math3.linear.RealMatrix
add, addToEntry, copy, copySubMatrix, copySubMatrix, createMatrix, getColumn, getColumnMatrix, getColumnVector, getData, getEntry, getFrobeniusNorm, getNorm, getRow, getRowMatrix, getRowVector, getSubMatrix, getSubMatrix, getTrace, multiply, multiplyEntry, operate, operate, power, preMultiply, preMultiply, preMultiply, scalarAdd, scalarMultiply, setColumn, setColumnMatrix, setColumnVector, setEntry, setRow, setRowMatrix, setRowVector, setSubMatrix, subtract, transpose, walkInColumnOrder, walkInColumnOrder, walkInColumnOrder, walkInColumnOrder, walkInOptimizedOrder, walkInOptimizedOrder, walkInOptimizedOrder, walkInOptimizedOrder, walkInRowOrder, walkInRowOrder, walkInRowOrder, walkInRowOrder
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.commons.math3.linear.AnyMatrix
getColumnDimension, getRowDimension, isSquare

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