Interface OptimizationData

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractSimplex, CMAESOptimizer.PopulationSize, CMAESOptimizer.Sigma, GoalType, InitialGuess, LinearConstraintSet, LinearObjectiveFunction, MaxEval, MaxIter, ModelFunction, ModelFunctionJacobian, MultiDirectionalSimplex, NelderMeadSimplex, NonLinearConjugateGradientOptimizer.BracketingStep, NonNegativeConstraint, ObjectiveFunction, ObjectiveFunctionGradient, SearchInterval, SimpleBounds, Target, UnivariateObjectiveFunction, Weight

public interface OptimizationData

Marker interface. Implementations will provide functionality (optional or required) needed by the optimizers, and those will need to check the actual type of the arguments and perform the appropriate cast in order to access the data they need.

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