Package org.apache.commons.math3.optim.univariate

One-dimensional optimization algorithms.


Class Summary
BracketFinder Provide an interval that brackets a local optimum of a function.
BrentOptimizer For a function defined on some interval (lo, hi), this class finds an approximation x to the point at which the function attains its minimum.
MultiStartUnivariateOptimizer Special implementation of the UnivariateOptimizer interface adding multi-start features to an existing optimizer.
SearchInterval Search interval and (optional) start value.
SimpleUnivariateValueChecker Simple implementation of the ConvergenceChecker interface that uses only objective function values.
UnivariateObjectiveFunction Scalar function to be optimized.
UnivariateOptimizer Base class for a univariate scalar function optimizer.
UnivariatePointValuePair This class holds a point and the value of an objective function at this point.

Package org.apache.commons.math3.optim.univariate Description

One-dimensional optimization algorithms.

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