Class MultivariateMultiStartOptimizer

  extended by org.apache.commons.math3.optimization.BaseMultivariateMultiStartOptimizer<MultivariateFunction>
      extended by org.apache.commons.math3.optimization.MultivariateMultiStartOptimizer
All Implemented Interfaces:
BaseMultivariateOptimizer<MultivariateFunction>, BaseOptimizer<PointValuePair>, MultivariateOptimizer

Deprecated. As of 3.1 (to be removed in 4.0).

public class MultivariateMultiStartOptimizer
extends BaseMultivariateMultiStartOptimizer<MultivariateFunction>
implements MultivariateOptimizer

Special implementation of the MultivariateOptimizer interface adding multi-start features to an existing optimizer. This class wraps a classical optimizer to use it several times in turn with different starting points in order to avoid being trapped into a local extremum when looking for a global one.

$Id: 1422230 2012-12-15 12:11:13Z erans $

Constructor Summary
MultivariateMultiStartOptimizer(MultivariateOptimizer optimizer, int starts, RandomVectorGenerator generator)
          Deprecated. Create a multi-start optimizer from a single-start optimizer.
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public MultivariateMultiStartOptimizer(MultivariateOptimizer optimizer,
                                       int starts,
                                       RandomVectorGenerator generator)
Create a multi-start optimizer from a single-start optimizer.

optimizer - Single-start optimizer to wrap.
starts - Number of starts to perform (including the first one), multi-start is disabled if value is less than or equal to 1.
generator - Random vector generator to use for restarts.

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