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Packages that use BaseAbstractMultivariateVectorOptimizer
org.apache.commons.math3.optimization.general This package provides optimization algorithms that require derivatives. 

Uses of BaseAbstractMultivariateVectorOptimizer in org.apache.commons.math3.optimization.general

Subclasses of BaseAbstractMultivariateVectorOptimizer in org.apache.commons.math3.optimization.general
 class AbstractLeastSquaresOptimizer
          Deprecated. As of 3.1 (to be removed in 4.0).
 class GaussNewtonOptimizer
          Deprecated. As of 3.1 (to be removed in 4.0).
 class LevenbergMarquardtOptimizer
          Deprecated. As of 3.1 (to be removed in 4.0).

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