Package org.apache.commons.math3.util

Convenience routines and common data structures used throughout the commons-math library.


Interface Summary
DoubleArray Provides a standard interface for double arrays.
Incrementor.MaxCountExceededCallback Defines a method to be called at counter exhaustion.
IterationListener The listener interface for receiving events occurring in an iterative algorithm.
MathArrays.Function Real-valued function that operate on an array or a part of it.
NumberTransformer Subclasses implementing this interface can transform Objects to doubles.

Class Summary
ArithmeticUtils Some useful, arithmetics related, additions to the built-in functions in Math.
BigReal Arbitrary precision decimal number.
BigRealField Representation of real numbers with arbitrary precision field.
CompositeFormat Base class for formatters of composite objects (complex numbers, vectors ...).
ContinuedFraction Provides a generic means to evaluate continued fractions.
Decimal64 This class wraps a double value in an object.
Decimal64Field The field of double precision floating-point numbers.
DefaultTransformer A Default NumberTransformer for java.lang.Numbers and Numeric Strings.
FastMath Faster, more accurate, portable alternative to Math and StrictMath for large scale computation.
Incrementor Utility that increments a counter until a maximum is reached, at which point, the instance will by default throw a MaxCountExceededException.
IterationEvent The root class from which all events occurring while running an IterationManager should be derived.
IterationManager This abstract class provides a general framework for managing iterative algorithms.
MathArrays Arrays utilities.
MathUtils Miscellaneous utility functions.
MultidimensionalCounter Converter between unidimensional storage structure and multidimensional conceptual structure.
OpenIntToDoubleHashMap Open addressed map from int to double.
OpenIntToFieldHashMap<T extends FieldElement<T>> Open addressed map from int to FieldElement.
Pair<K,V> Generic pair.
Precision Utilities for comparing numbers.
ResizableDoubleArray A variable length DoubleArray implementation that automatically handles expanding and contracting its internal storage array as elements are added and removed.
TransformerMap This TansformerMap automates the transformation of mixed object types.

Enum Summary
MathArrays.OrderDirection Specification of ordering direction.
ResizableDoubleArray.ExpansionMode Specification of expansion algorithm.

Package org.apache.commons.math3.util Description

Convenience routines and common data structures used throughout the commons-math library.

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