Class AkimaSplineInterpolator

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    public class AkimaSplineInterpolator
    extends Object
    implements UnivariateInterpolator
    Computes a cubic spline interpolation for the data set using the Akima algorithm, as originally formulated by Hiroshi Akima in his 1970 paper "A New Method of Interpolation and Smooth Curve Fitting Based on Local Procedures." J. ACM 17, 4 (October 1970), 589-602. DOI=10.1145/321607.321609

    This implementation is based on the Akima implementation in the CubicSpline class in the Math.NET Numerics library. The method referenced is "CubicSpline.InterpolateAkimaSorted".

    When the argument to the constructor is true, the weights are modified in order to smooth out spurious oscillations.

    The interpolate method returns a PolynomialSplineFunction consisting of n cubic polynomials, defined over the subintervals determined by the x values, x[0] < x[i] ... < x[n]. The Akima algorithm requires that n >= 5.