Class EvaluationRmsChecker

    • Constructor Detail

      • EvaluationRmsChecker

        public EvaluationRmsChecker​(double tol)
        Create a convergence checker for the RMS with the same relative and absolute tolerance.

        Convenience constructor for when the relative and absolute tolerances are the same. Same as new EvaluationRmsChecker(tol, tol).

        tol - the relative and absolute tolerance.
        See Also:
        EvaluationRmsChecker(double, double)
      • EvaluationRmsChecker

        public EvaluationRmsChecker​(double relTol,
                                    double absTol)
        Create a convergence checker for the RMS with a relative and absolute tolerance.

        The optimization has converged when the RMS of consecutive evaluations are equal to within the given relative tolerance or absolute tolerance.

        relTol - the relative tolerance.
        absTol - the absolute tolerance.
        See Also:
        Precision.equals(double, double, double), Precision.equalsWithRelativeTolerance(double, double, double)