Class DefaultRealMatrixChangingVisitor

    • Method Detail

      • start

        public void start​(int rows,
                          int columns,
                          int startRow,
                          int endRow,
                          int startColumn,
                          int endColumn)
        Start visiting a matrix.

        This method is called once before any entry of the matrix is visited.

        Specified by:
        start in interface RealMatrixChangingVisitor
        rows - number of rows of the matrix
        columns - number of columns of the matrix
        startRow - Initial row index
        endRow - Final row index (inclusive)
        startColumn - Initial column index
        endColumn - Final column index (inclusive)
      • visit

        public double visit​(int row,
                            int column,
                            double value)
        Visit one matrix entry.
        Specified by:
        visit in interface RealMatrixChangingVisitor
        row - row index of the entry
        column - column index of the entry
        value - current value of the entry
        the new value to be set for the entry
      • end

        public double end()
        End visiting a matrix.

        This method is called once after all entries of the matrix have been visited.

        Specified by:
        end in interface RealMatrixChangingVisitor
        the value that the walkInXxxOrder must return