Class QuasiSigmoidDecayFunction

    • Constructor Detail

      • QuasiSigmoidDecayFunction

        public QuasiSigmoidDecayFunction​(double initValue,
                                         double slope,
                                         long numCall)
        Creates an instance. The function f will have the following properties:
        • f(0) = initValue
        • numCall is the inflexion point
        • slope = f'(numCall)
        initValue - Initial value, i.e. applyAsDouble(0).
        slope - Value of the function derivative at numCall.
        numCall - Inflexion point.
        IllegalArgumentException - if initValue <= 0, slope >= 0 or numCall <= 0.
    • Method Detail

      • applyAsDouble

        public double applyAsDouble​(long numCall)
        Computes the value of the learning factor.
        Specified by:
        applyAsDouble in interface LongToDoubleFunction
        numCall - Current step of the training task.
        the value of the function at numCall.