Class UnifiedDistanceMatrix

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    public class UnifiedDistanceMatrix
    extends Object
    implements MapVisualization
    U-Matrix visualization of high-dimensional data projection. The 8 individual inter-units distances will be computed. They will be stored in additional pixels around each of the original units of the 2D-map. The additional pixels that lie along a "diagonal" are shared by two pairs of units: their value will be set to the average distance between the units belonging to each of the pairs. The value zero will be stored in the pixel corresponding to the location of a unit of the 2D-map.
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      • computeImage

        public double[][] computeImage​(NeuronSquareMesh2D map)
        Computes the distances between a unit of the map and its neighbours. The image will contain more pixels than the number of neurons in the given map because each neuron has 8 neighbours. The value zero will be stored in the pixels corresponding to the location of a map unit.
        Specified by:
        computeImage in interface MapVisualization
        map - Map.
        an image representing the individual distances.