Class SuppressGAOptionHandler


Implements the telnet suppress go ahead option RFC 858.
  • Constructor Details

    • SuppressGAOptionHandler

      Constructor for the SuppressGAOptionHandler. Initial and accept behavior flags are set to false
    • SuppressGAOptionHandler

      public SuppressGAOptionHandler(boolean initlocal, boolean initremote, boolean acceptlocal, boolean acceptremote)
      Constructor for the SuppressGAOptionHandler. Allows defining desired initial setting for local/remote activation of this option and behavior in case a local/remote activation request for this option is received.
      initlocal - - if set to true, a WILL is sent upon connection.
      initremote - - if set to true, a DO is sent upon connection.
      acceptlocal - - if set to true, any DO request is accepted.
      acceptremote - - if set to true, any WILL request is accepted.