Package org.apache.commons.ognl.enhance

Interface Summary
ExpressionAccessor Provides pure java expression paths to get/set values from an ognl expression.
LocalReference Container class for OgnlExpressionCompiler generated local method block references.
OgnlExpressionCompiler Core interface implemented by expression compiler instances.
OrderedReturn Marks an ognl expression Node as needing to have the return portion of a getter method happen in a specific part of the generated expression vs just having the whole expression returned in one chunk.

Class Summary
ExpressionCompiler Responsible for managing/providing functionality related to compiling generated java source expressions via bytecode enhancements for a given ognl expression.
LocalReferenceImpl Implementation of LocalReference.

Exception Summary
UnsupportedCompilationException Thrown during bytecode enhancement conversions of ognl expressions to indicate that a certain expression isn't currently supported as a pure java bytecode enhanced version.

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