Package org.apache.commons.text.diff

package org.apache.commons.text.diff

Provides algorithms for diff between strings.

The initial implementation of the Myers algorithm was adapted from the commons-collections sequence package.

  • Class
    This interface should be implemented by user object to walk through EditScript objects.
    Command representing the deletion of one object of the first sequence.
    Abstract base class for all commands used to transform an objects sequence into another one.
    This class gathers all the commands needed to transform one objects sequence into another objects sequence.
    Command representing the insertion of one object of the second sequence.
    Command representing the keeping of one object present in both sequences.
    This class handles sequences of replacements resulting from a comparison.
    This interface is devoted to handle synchronized replacement sequences.
    It is guaranteed that the comparisons will always be done as o1.equals(o2) where o1 belongs to the first sequence and o2 belongs to the second sequence.