Class OctalUnescaper


public class OctalUnescaper
extends CharSequenceTranslator
Translate escaped octal Strings back to their octal values. For example, "\45" should go back to being the specific value (a %). Note that this currently only supports the viable range of octal for Java; namely 1 to 377. This is because parsing Java is the main use case.
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    • translate

      public int translate​(CharSequence input, int index, Writer out) throws IOException
      Translate a set of codepoints, represented by an int index into a CharSequence, into another set of codepoints. The number of codepoints consumed must be returned, and the only IOExceptions thrown must be from interacting with the Writer so that the top level API may reliably ignore StringWriter IOExceptions.
      Specified by:
      translate in class CharSequenceTranslator
      input - CharSequence that is being translated
      index - int representing the current point of translation
      out - Writer to translate the text to
      int count of codepoints consumed
      IOException - if and only if the Writer produces an IOException