Class ValidatorUtils


public class ValidatorUtils extends Object
Basic utility methods.

The use of FastHashMap is deprecated and will be replaced in a future release.

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    • copyFastHashMap

      @Deprecated public static org.apache.commons.collections.FastHashMap copyFastHashMap(org.apache.commons.collections.FastHashMap fastHashMap)
      This method is not part of Validator's public API. Validator will use it internally until FastHashMap references are removed. Use copyMap() instead.
      Makes a deep copy of a FastHashMap if the values are Msg, Arg, or Var. Otherwise it is a shallow copy.
      fastHashMap - FastHashMap to copy.
      FastHashMap A copy of the FastHashMap that was passed in.
    • copyMap

      public static Map<String,Object> copyMap(Map<String,Object> map)
      Makes a deep copy of a Map if the values are Msg, Arg, or Var. Otherwise, it is a shallow copy.
      map - The source Map to copy.
      A copy of the Map that was passed in.
    • getValueAsString

      public static String getValueAsString(Object bean, String property)
      Convenience method for getting a value from a bean property as a String. If the property is a String[] or Collection and it is empty, an empty String "" is returned. Otherwise, property.toString() is returned. This method may return null if there was an error retrieving the property.
      bean - The bean object.
      property - The name of the property to access.
      The value of the property.
    • replace

      public static String replace(String value, String key, String replaceValue)

      Replace part of a String with another value.

      value - String to perform the replacement on.
      key - The name of the constant.
      replaceValue - The value of the constant.
      The modified value.