Interface ReflectedInstanceFactoryIntrospector

All Known Implementing Classes:
ReflectedConstructorInstanceFactoryIntrospector, ReflectedMethodInstanceFactoryIntrospector

public interface ReflectedInstanceFactoryIntrospector

Performs introspection for one kind of operations. In the process of introspection ReflectedClazz invokes ReflectedInstanceFactoryIntrospectors one after another, discovering factories of one kind at a time.

$Id: 155436 2005-02-26 13:17:48Z dirkv $
Dmitri Plotnikov

Method Summary
 List introspectInstanceFactories(ReflectedClazz clazz, Class javaClass)
          Find constructors, methods and perhaps fields constituting factories.

Method Detail


List introspectInstanceFactories(ReflectedClazz clazz,
                                 Class javaClass)
Find constructors, methods and perhaps fields constituting factories. Create ClazzInstanceFactory objects and return them as a list.

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