Interface ReflectedProperty

All Superinterfaces:
ClazzElement, ClazzFeature, ClazzProperty
All Known Implementing Classes:
ReflectedAccessorPairProperty, ReflectedListProperty, ReflectedMappedProperty, ReflectedScalarProperty

public interface ReflectedProperty
extends ClazzProperty

The same reflected property may have more than one name. For example, if we have two methods: Map getAuthors() and String getAuthor (String), they both map to the same property, which then has two names: "author" and "authors".

$Id: 155436 2005-02-26 13:17:48Z dirkv $
Dmitri Plotnikov

Method Summary
 String[] getAliases()
          Alternative names for the property.
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.commons.clazz.ClazzProperty
get, getClazz, getContentClazz, getKeyClazz, getName, isCollection, isMap, isReadOnly, set
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Methods inherited from interface org.apache.commons.clazz.ClazzElement
getAttribute, getAttributes

Method Detail


String[] getAliases()
Alternative names for the property.

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