Package org.apache.commons.betwixt.expression

This package contains the system which extracts values from beans.


Interface Summary
Expression Expression represents an arbitrary expression on a bean.
Updater Updater acts like an lvalue which updates the current context bean from some text from an XML attribute or element.

Class Summary
ClassNameExpression ClassNameExpression returns the current class name of the context bean
CollectionUpdater Updates a Collection by adding the new value to it.
ConstantExpression ConstantExpression represents a constant expression.
Context Context describes the context used to evaluate bean expressions.
DynaBeanExpression An Expression that gets a property value from a DynaBean.
DynaBeanUpdater Updates DynaBean's.
EmptyExpression EmptyExpression returns the same value as is passed in.
IteratorExpression IteratorExpression returns an iterator over the current context.
MapEntryAdder MapEntryAdder is used to add entries to a map.
MethodExpression MethodExpression evaluates a method on the current bean context.
MethodUpdater MethodUpdater updates the current bean context by calling a WriteMethod with the String value from the XML attribute or element.
StringExpression StringExpression returns the current context object as a string.
TypedUpdater Abstracts common features for strongly typed Updater's.
VariableExpression VariableExpression represents a variable expression such as $foo which returns the value of the given variable.

Package org.apache.commons.betwixt.expression Description

This package contains the system which extracts values from beans. The mapping is created by class introspection but the Expression implementations in this package inspect a particular bean instance and extract the values used to render the bean as xml.

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