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Packages that use ElementMapping Package contains strategy and configuration classes used by reading only. 
org.apache.commons.betwixt.registry This package contains various plugins that can be used with XMLIntrospector to customize it's caching behaviour (or programmatically modify the XmlBeanInfo finding). 

Uses of ElementMapping in

Methods in with parameters of type ElementMapping
 java.lang.Object BeanCreationList.create(ElementMapping elementMapping, ReadContext readContext)
          Creates an Object based on the given element mapping and read context.
abstract  java.lang.Object BeanCreationChain.create(ElementMapping elementMapping, ReadContext context)
          Create a bean for the given mapping in the given context.
 java.lang.Object ChainedBeanCreator.create(ElementMapping elementMapping, ReadContext context, BeanCreationChain chain)
          Creates a bean either directly or by delegating the responsibility to the other members of the chain.
 java.lang.Class ReadContext.resolvePolymorphicType(ElementMapping mapping)
          Resolves any polymorphism in the element mapping.

Uses of ElementMapping in org.apache.commons.betwixt.registry

Methods in org.apache.commons.betwixt.registry with parameters of type ElementMapping
 java.lang.Class PolymorphicReferenceResolver.resolveType(ElementMapping mapping, ReadContext context)
          Resolves the bind-time type of a polymorphic element.
 java.lang.Class DefaultXMLBeanInfoRegistry.resolveType(ElementMapping mapping, ReadContext context)
          Checks all registered XMLBeanInfo's for the first suitable match.

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