Commons Messenger 1.0-SNAPSHOT API

org.apache.commons.messagelet This package provides the mechansim to deploy MessageListener beans in a servlet application server which are intialized and destroyed with a web-application as well as introducing MessageDrivenObjects which are MessageListeners which receive servlet-style lifecycle events and Messagelets which are servlets that process Messages.
org.apache.commons.messagelet.impl This package contains implementation classes to support both MDO's as well as to be able to dispatch into a Servlet engine to be able to process Messagelets.
org.apache.commons.messagelet.model This package represents the subscription model of a Messagelet engine.
org.apache.commons.messenger The main Messenger interface, a simple facade for working with JMS, together with all the default implementation classes and additional factory classes.
org.apache.commons.messenger.task A collection of Ant tasks for working with JMS.
org.apache.commons.messenger.tool A collection of tools for working with Messenger.


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