Class AbandonedTrace

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbandonedTrace

        public AbandonedTrace()
        Creates a new AbandonedTrace without config and without doing abandoned tracing.
      • AbandonedTrace

        public AbandonedTrace(AbandonedTrace parent)
        Constructs a new AbandonedTrace with a parent object.
        parent - AbandonedTrace parent object.
    • Method Detail

      • getLastUsed

        public long getLastUsed()
        Gets the last time this object was used in milliseconds.
        Specified by:
        getLastUsed in interface TrackedUse
        long time in milliseconds.
      • setLastUsed

        protected void setLastUsed()
        Sets the time this object was last used to the current time in milliseconds.
      • setLastUsed

        protected void setLastUsed(long lastUsedMillis)
        Sets the time in milliseconds this object was last used.
        lastUsedMillis - time in milliseconds.
      • addTrace

        protected void addTrace(AbandonedTrace trace)
        Adds an object to the list of objects being traced.
        trace - AbandonedTrace object to add.
      • clearTrace

        protected void clearTrace()
        Clears the list of objects being traced by this object.
      • getTrace

        protected List<AbandonedTracegetTrace()
        Gets a list of objects being traced by this object.
        List of objects.
      • removeTrace

        protected void removeTrace(AbandonedTrace trace)
        Removes a child object this object is tracing.
        trace - AbandonedTrace object to remove.

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