Package org.apache.commons.digester3.plugins

The plugins package provides an easy mechanism whereby new digestion rules can be added dynamically during a digestion.


Interface Summary
InitializableRule Defines an interface that a Rule class can implement if it wishes to get an initialisation callback after the rule has been added to the set of Rules within a PluginRules instance.

Class Summary
Declaration Represents a Class that can be instantiated by a PluginCreateRule, plus info on how to load custom digester rules for mapping xml into that plugged-in class.
PluginContext Provides data and services which should exist only once per digester.
PluginCreateRule Allows the original rules for parsing the configuration file to define points at which plugins are allowed, by configuring a PluginCreateRule with the appropriate pattern.
PluginDeclarationRule A Digester rule which allows the user to pre-declare a class which is to be referenced later at a plugin point by a PluginCreateRule.
PluginManager Coordinates between PluginDeclarationRule and PluginCreateRule objects, providing a place to share data between instances of these rules.
PluginRules A custom digester Rules manager which must be used as the Rules object when using the plugins module functionality.
RuleFinder Each concrete implementation of RuleFinder is an algorithm for locating a source of digester rules for a plugin.
RuleLoader Interface for classes which can dynamically load custom plugin rules associated with a user's plugin class.
RulesFactory Whenever the scope of a plugin tag is entered, the PluginRules class creates a new Rules instance and configures it with the appropriate parsing rules for the plugged-in class.

Exception Summary
PluginAssertionFailure Thrown when a bug is detected in the plugins code.
PluginConfigurationException Thrown when an error occurs due to the way the calling application uses the plugins module.
PluginException Thrown when some plugin-related error has occurred, and none of the other exception types are appropriate.
PluginInvalidInputException Thrown when an error occurs due to bad data in the file being parsed.

Package org.apache.commons.digester3.plugins Description

The plugins package provides an easy mechanism whereby new digestion rules can be added dynamically during a digestion.

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