Class LoaderSetProperties

  extended by org.apache.commons.digester3.plugins.RuleLoader
      extended by org.apache.commons.digester3.plugins.strategies.LoaderSetProperties

public class LoaderSetProperties
extends RuleLoader

A RuleLoader which creates a single SetPropertiesRule and adds it to the digester when its addRules() method is invoked.

This loader ensures that any xml attributes on the plugin tag get mapped to equivalent properties on a javabean. This allows JavaBean classes to be used as plugins without any requirement to create custom plugin rules.


Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void addRules(Digester digester, String path)
          Configures the digester with custom rules for some plugged-in class.
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Constructor Detail


public LoaderSetProperties()
Method Detail


public void addRules(Digester digester,
                     String path)
Configures the digester with custom rules for some plugged-in class.

This method is invoked when the start of an xml tag is encountered which maps to a PluginCreateRule. Any rules added here are removed from the digester when the end of that xml tag is encountered.

Specified by:
addRules in class RuleLoader
digester - The gigester has to be configured
path - The path where rule has to be bound

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