Apache Commons JCI 1.1 API

org.apache.commons.jci.compilers Interfaces and abstract classes for the compiler abstraction itself.
org.apache.commons.jci.examples.commandline Example demonstrating a simple front end to jci mimicking the javac command line.
org.apache.commons.jci.examples.configuration Example demonstrating auto-reloading of configurations.
org.apache.commons.jci.examples.serverpages Example how to use jci to build a simple JSP servlet.
org.apache.commons.jci.listeners Special FAM listeners for just collecting FAM statistics, to compilation or class reloading.
org.apache.commons.jci.monitor Monitor to keep track of changes on the local filesystem.
org.apache.commons.jci.problems Compilation problems and related.
org.apache.commons.jci.readers Readers to read resources from.
org.apache.commons.jci.stores Stores to store the compilation results in.
org.apache.commons.jci.utils Utilities


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