commons-jelly 1.1-SNAPSHOT API

Core Public API
org.apache.commons.jelly This package contains the main jelly API classes.


Utility classes for using Jelly from Servlets
org.apache.commons.jelly.servlet Classes for using Jelly on the Servlet platform.


Classes used by Tag Implementors
org.apache.commons.jelly.expression Implementations of the Expression classes using commons-jexl.
org.apache.commons.jelly.impl Core implementation classes for Jelly.


Tag Implementations
org.apache.commons.jelly.tags.core The core Tags from the JSTL plus Jelly extensions.


Other Packages
org.apache.commons.jelly.expression.jexl Expressions used to turn the tag attribute values into compiled expression objects for languages such as Jexl, XPath, Velocity, beanshell, Rhino etc.
org.apache.commons.jelly.parser Jelly parsers both XML syntax and non-XML syntaxes are supported.


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