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Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
LANG-950 FastDateParser does not handle two digit year parsing like SimpleDateFormat Bug Fixed Resolved
LANG-899 lang.* StringUtils lastIndexOf(String str, char searchChar, int startPos) not working Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-894 The "contributing patches" link on the website is broken Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-876 Javadocs are 404 Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-868 lang.* Javadoc examples for StringUtils#repeat(char,int) have arguments in in reverse order Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-759 lang.* Add Support in SystemUtils for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-549 Need to release the latest code! Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-442 Internal links on User Guide page don't work Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-327 Overview doc for version 2.3 still specifies version 2.2 Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-495 Possible implementation of max/min using generics Improvement Fixed Closed
LANG-801 lang.* Util for conversion between primitive types New Feature Fixed Closed
LANG-797 lang.* StringEscapeUtils.escapeJson New Feature Fixed Closed
LANG-618 lang.* Add an Assert class to simplify programming. New Feature Fixed Closed
LANG-485 lang.* StringUtils/WordUtils camelize - underscore functionality New Feature Fixed Closed
LANG-525 General Apply patches from 3.0 to 2.5 if a 2.5 release happens Task Fixed Closed
LANG-392 Improve javadoc samples Task Fixed Closed
LANG-949 lang.time.* FastDateParserTest.testParses does not test FastDateParser Test Fixed Resolved
LANG-852 lang.time.* Insufficient datetime pattern in FastDateParserTest Test Fixed Closed
LANG-465 Better advertizing of utils Wish Fixed Closed
3.3.2 LANG-992 lang.math.* NumberUtils#isNumber() returns false for "0.0", "0.4790", et al Bug Fixed Resolved
3.3.2 LANG-989 lang.* Add org.apache.commons.lang3.SystemUtils.IS_JAVA_1_8 New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.7 LANG-803 lang.* LocaleUtils - DCL idiom is not thread-safe Bug Fixed Closed
3.3.1 LANG-987 lang.time.* DateUtils.getFragmentInDays(Date, Calendar.MONTH) returns wrong days Bug Fixed Closed
3.3.1 LANG-984 lang.time.* DurationFormatUtils does not handle large durations correctly Bug Fixed Closed
3.3.1 LANG-983 lang.time.* DurationFormatUtils does not describe format string fully Bug Fixed Closed
3.3.1 LANG-982 lang.time.* DurationFormatUtils.formatDuration(61999, "s.SSSS") - ms field size should be 4 digits Bug Fixed Closed
3.3.1 LANG-981 lang.time.* DurationFormatUtils#lexx does not detect unmatched quote char Bug Fixed Closed
3.3.1 LANG-978 Failing tests with Java 8 b128 Bug Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-977 lang.text.translate.* NumericEntityEscaper incorrectly encodes supplementary characters Bug Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-972 lang.math.* NumberUtils#isNumber does not allow for hex 0XABCD Bug Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-971 lang.math.* NumberUtils#isNumber(String) fails to reject invalid Octal numbers Bug Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-969 lang.* StringUtils.toEncodedString(byte[], Charset) needlessly throws UnsupportedEncodingException Bug Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-961 lang.reflect.* org.apache.commons.lang3.reflect.FieldUtils.removeFinalModifier(Field) does not clean up after itself Bug Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-954 lang.time.* uncaught PatternSyntaxException in FastDateFormat on Android Bug Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-951 lang.time.* Fragments are wrong by 1 day when using fragment YEAR or MONTH Bug Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-946 lang.concurrent.* ConstantInitializerTest fails when building with IBM JDK 7 Bug Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-943 Test DurationFormatUtilsTest.testEdgeDuration fails in JDK 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8, BRST time zone Bug Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-936 lang.* StringUtils.getLevenshteinDistance with too big of a threshold returns wrong result Bug Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-915 Wrong locale handling in LocaleUtils.toLocale() Bug Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-819 lang.* EnumUtils.generateBitVector needs a "? extends" Bug Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-613 lang.reflect.* ConstructorUtils.getAccessibleConstructor() Does Not Check the Accessibility of Enclosing Classes Bug Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-973 lang.* Make some private fields final Improvement Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-970 lang.* Add APIs MutableBoolean setTrue() and setFalse() Improvement Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-956 lang.text.* Improve JavaDoc of WordUtils.wrap methods Improvement Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-955 lang.* Add methods for removing all invalid characters according to XML 1.0 and XML 1.1 in an input string to StringEscapeUtils Improvement Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-834 lang.* Validate: add inclusiveBetween and exclusiveBetween overloads for primitives types Improvement Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-637 lang.builder.* There should be a DifferenceBuilder with a ReflectionDifferenceBuilder implementation Improvement Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-621 lang.builder.* ReflectionToStringBuilder.toString does not debug 3rd party object fields within 3rd party object Improvement Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-966 lang.* Add IBM OS/400 detection New Feature Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-962 lang.* Add SerializationUtils.roundtrip(T extends Serializable) to serialize then deserialize New Feature Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-944 lang.* Add the Jaro-Winkler string distance algorithm to StringUtils New Feature Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-900 New RandomUtils class New Feature Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-417 lang.* New class ClassPathUtils with methods for turning FQN into resource path New Feature Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-953 Convert package.html files to package-info.java files Task Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-940 Fix deprecation warnings Task Fixed Closed
3.3 LANG-939 General Move Documentation from user guide to package-info files Task Fixed Closed
3.2.1 LANG-938 Build fails with test failures when building with JDK 8 Bug Fixed Closed
3.2.1 LANG-937 Fix missing Hamcrest dependency in Ant Build Task Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-934 lang.reflect.* Add removeFinalModifier to FieldUtils Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-928 lang.text.translate.* Issue with OctalUnescaper Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-921 lang.* BooleanUtils.xor(boolean...) produces wrong results Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-920 lang.* Add ArrayUtils#nullToEmpty(Class<?>[]) Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-917 lang.text.* Exception when combining custom and choice format in ExtendedMessageFormat Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-913 General Adding .gitignore to commons-lang Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-905 Compare between arrays Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-902 lang.* RandomStringUtils.random (count, letters=true, number=true) may not use numerics Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-896 BooleanUtils.toBoolean(String str) javadoc is not updated. Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-887 Code in FastDateParser broken Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-882 lang.text.translate.* LookupTranslator accepts CharSequence as input, but fails to work with implementations other than String Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-881 lang.math.* NumberUtils.createNumber() Javadoc says it does not work for octal numbers Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-879 lang.* LocaleUtils test fails with new Locale "ja_JP_JP_#u-ca-japanese" of JDK7 Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-865 lang.* LocaleUtils.toLocale does not parse strings starting with an underscore Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-858 lang.*, lang.text.translate.* StringEscapeUtils.escapeJava() and escapeEcmaScript() do not output the escaped surrogate pairs that are Java parsable Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-857 lang.text.translate.* StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in CharSequenceTranslator Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-849 lang.time.* FastDateFormat and FastDatePrinter generates Date objects wastefully Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-844 lang.* StringUtils.center() methods have inaccurate examples in javadocs Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-838 lang.* ArrayUtils removeElements methods clone temporary index arrays unnecessarily Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-836 lang.text.* StrSubstitutor does not support StringBuilder or CharSequence Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-832 FastDateParser does not handle unterminated quotes correctly Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-831 FastDateParser does not handle white-space properly Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-828 lang.time.* FastDateParser does not handle non-Gregorian calendars properly Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-826 lang.time.* FastDateParser does not handle non-ASCII digits correctly Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-822 lang.math.* NumberUtils#createNumber - bad behaviour for leading "--" Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-818 lang.time.* FastDateFormat's "z" pattern does not respect timezone of Calendar instances passed to format() Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-817 lang.* Add org.apache.commons.lang3.SystemUtils.IS_OS_WINDOWS_8 Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-814 lang.reflect.* [Method|Constructor]Utils.invoke*(*, Object... args) variants cannot handle null values Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-813 lang.* StringUtils.equalsIgnoreCase doesn't check string reference equality Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-810 lang.* StringUtils.join() endIndex, bugged for loop Bug Fixed Closed
3.2, 2.7 LANG-807 RandomStringUtils throws confusing IAE when end <= start Bug Fixed Closed
3.2, 2.7 LANG-805 RandomStringUtils.random(count, 0, 0, false, false, universe, random) always throws java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-802 lang.* LocaleUtils - unnecessary recursive call in SyncAvoid class Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-800 Javadoc bug in DateUtils#ceiling for Calendar and Object versions. Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-799 lang.time.* DateUtils#parseDate uses default locale; add Locale support Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-788 SerializationUtils throws ClassNotFoundException when cloning primitive classes Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-786 lang.* StringUtils equals() relies on undefined behavior Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-783 lang.* Documentation bug: StringUtils.split Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-777 General jar contains velocity template of release notes Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-776 lang.reflect.* TypeUtilsTest contains incorrect type assignability assertion due to lost/skipped type variable information during the decision process Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-775 lang.reflect.* TypeUtils.getTypeArguments() misses type arguments for partially-assigned classes Bug Fixed Closed
3.2 LANG-773 lang.tuple.* ImmutablePair doc contains nonsense text Bug Fixed Closed