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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
LANG-1245 lang.time.* signature change of applyRules(java.util.Calendar, java.lang.StringBuffer) is not binary compatible Bug Fixed Resolved
LANG-1125 Website No release notes for version 3.4 Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-899 lang.* StringUtils lastIndexOf(String str, char searchChar, int startPos) not working Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-894 The "contributing patches" link on the website is broken Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-876 Javadocs are 404 Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-868 lang.* Javadoc examples for StringUtils#repeat(char,int) have arguments in in reverse order Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-759 lang.* Add Support in SystemUtils for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-549 Need to release the latest code! Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-442 Internal links on User Guide page don't work Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-327 Overview doc for version 2.3 still specifies version 2.2 Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-495 Possible implementation of max/min using generics Improvement Fixed Closed
LANG-801 lang.* Util for conversion between primitive types New Feature Fixed Closed
LANG-797 lang.* StringEscapeUtils.escapeJson New Feature Fixed Closed
LANG-618 lang.* Add an Assert class to simplify programming. New Feature Fixed Closed
LANG-485 lang.* StringUtils/WordUtils camelize - underscore functionality New Feature Fixed Closed
LANG-525 General Apply patches from 3.0 to 2.5 if a 2.5 release happens Task Fixed Closed
LANG-392 Improve javadoc samples Task Fixed Closed
LANG-852 lang.time.* Insufficient datetime pattern in FastDateParserTest Test Fixed Closed
LANG-465 Better advertizing of utils Wish Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1262 lang.builder.* CompareToBuilder.append(Object,Object,Comparator) method is too big to be inlined Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1261 lang.* ArrayUtils.contains returns false for instances of subtypes Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1252 lang.math.* NumberUtils.isNumber and NumberUtils.createNumber resolve inconsistently Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1251 lang.* SerializationUtils.ClassLoaderAwareObjectInputStream should use static initializer to initialize primitiveTypes map. Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1248 lang.time.* FastDatePrinter Memory allocation regression Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1242 lang.text.translate.* "\u2284":"⊄" mapping missing from EntityArrays#HTML40_EXTENDED_ESCAPE Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1232 lang.builder.* DiffBuilder: Add null check on fieldName when appending Object or Object[] Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1230 lang.builder.* Remove unnecessary synchronization from registry lookup in EqualsBuilder and HashCodeBuilder Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1229 lang.builder.* Performance regression due to cyclic hashCode guard Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1228 IllegalAccessException swallowed in indexOfThrowable and indexOfType Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1226 lang.* StringUtils#normalizeSpace does not trim the string anymore Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1219 lang.time.* FastDateFormat doesn't respect summer daylight in localized strings Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1214 lang.* ClassUtils.getClass(ClassLoader, String) fails for "void" Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1210 lang.* StringUtils#startsWithAny has error in Javadoc Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1205 lang.math.* NumberUtils.createNumber() behaves inconsistently with NumberUtils.isNumber() Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1200 StringUtils.ordinalIndexOf: Add missing right parenthesis in JavaDoc example Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1199 lang.* Fix implementation of StringUtils.getJaroWinklerDistance() Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1193 ordinalIndexOf("abc", "ab", 1) gives incorrect answer of -1 (correct answer should be 0) Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1192 lang.time.* FastDateFormat does not support the week-year component (uppercase 'Y') Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1191 lang.* Incorrect Javadoc StringUtils.containsAny(CharSequence, CharSequence...) Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1190 lang.reflect.* TypeUtils.isAssignable throws NullPointerException when fromType has type variables and toType generic superclass specifies type variable Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1186 lang.time.* NullPointerException in FastDateParser$TimeZoneStrategy Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1182 lang.* Clarify JavaDoc of StringUtils.containsAny() Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1178 lang.* ArrayUtils.removeAll(Object array, int... indices) should do the clone, not its callers Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1163 There are no tests for CharSequenceUtils.regionMatches Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1162 StringUtils#equals fails with Index OOBE on non-Strings with identical leading prefix Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1152 lang.time.* FastDateFormat seems to behave differently with very large dates than simple date format Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1147 lang.* EnumUtils *BitVector issue with more than 32 values Enum Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1142 lang.* StringUtils#capitalize: Javadoc says toTitleCase; code uses toUpperCase Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1141 lang.text.* StrLookup.systemPropertiesLookup() no longer reacts on changes on system properties Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1133 lang.time.* FastDateParser_TimeZoneStrategyTest#testTimeZoneStrategyPattern fails on Windows with German Locale Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1132 lang.builder.* ReflectionToStringBuilder doesn't throw IllegalArgumentException when the constructor's object param is null Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1131 lang.text.* StrBuilder.equals(StrBuilder) doesn't check for null inputs Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1128 lang.builder.* JsonToStringStyle doesn't handle chars and objects correctly Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1126 lang.time.* DateFormatUtilsTest.testSMTP depends on the default Locale Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1123 lang.time.* Unit test FastDatePrinterTimeZonesTest needs a timezone set Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1122 lang.* Inconsistent behavior of swap for malformed inputs Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1120 lang.* StringUtils.stripAccents from "Ł" and "ł" Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1118 lang.* StringUtils.repeat('z', -1) throws NegativeArraySizeException Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1116 lang.time.* DateUtilsTest.testLang530 fails for some timezones Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1114 lang.reflect.* TypeUtils.ParameterizedType#equals doesn't work with wildcard types Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1112 lang.builder.* MultilineRecursiveToStringStyle largely unusable due to being package-private Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1069 lang.* CharSet.getInstance documentation does not clearly explain how to include negation character in set Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1040 lang.math.* Javadoc for NumberUtils.isNumber() are not clear enough Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1038 lang.math.* NumberUtils#isNumber() returns false for "+2" and true for "-2" Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1018 lang.math.* NumberUtils.createNumber(final String str) Precision will be lost Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1002 lang.time.* Several predefined ISO FastDateFormats in DateFormatUtils are incorrect Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-979 lang.reflect.* TypeUtils.parameterizeWithOwner - wrong format descriptor for "invalid number of type parameters" Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-916 lang.time.* CLONE - DateFormatUtils.format does not correctly change Calendar TimeZone in certain situations Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-901 General endsWithAny is case sensitive - documented as case insensitive Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1275 lang.concurrent.* Add a tryAcquire() method to TimedSemaphore Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1273 lang.* Added a new property IS_OS_MAC_OSX_EL_CAPITAN in SystemUtils Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1259 JavaDoc for ArrayUtils.isNotEmpty() is slightly misleading Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1255 lang.time.* need a version of DateUtils.toCalendar that preserves or sets TimeZone Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1250 lang.* SerializationUtils::deserialize has unnecessary code and a comment for that Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1247 lang.time.* FastDatePrinter generates Date objects wastefully Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1243 Simplify ArrayUtils removeElements by using new decrementAndGet() method Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1240 lang.* Optimize BitField constructor implementation Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1234 lang.* getLevenshteinDistance with a threshold: optimize implementation if the strings lengths differ more than the threshold Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1233 lang.builder.* DiffBuilder add method to allow appending from a DiffResult Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1223 lang.time.* StopWatch should provide getTime() which accepts TimeUnit Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1222 lang.* Fix for incorrect comment on StringUtils.containsIgnoreCase method Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1221 lang.* Fix typo on appendIfMissing javadoc Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1220 lang.time.* Add tests for missed branches in DateUtils Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1218 lang.builder.* EqualsBuilder.append(Object,Object) is too big to be inlined, which prevents whole builder to be scalarized Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1208 lang.text.* StrSubstitutor can preserve escapes Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1206 lang.* Improve CharSetUtils.squeeze() performance Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1195 lang.reflect.* Enhance MethodUtils to allow invocation of private methods Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1189 lang.mutable.* Add getAndIncrement/getAndDecrement/getAndAdd/incrementAndGet/decrementAndGet/addAndGet in Mutable* classes Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1183 lang.* Making replacePattern/removePattern methods null safe Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1176 lang.* Improve ArrayUtils removeElements time complexity to O(n) Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1168 lang.* Add SystemUtils.IS_OS_WINDOWS_10 property Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1153 lang.time.* Implement ParsePosition api for FastDateParser Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1151 lang.math.* Performance improvements for NumberUtils.isParsable Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1146 lang.* z/OS identification in SystemUtils Improvement Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1138 lang.time.* add a static method to create a started stopwatch Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1137 lang.event.* Add check for duplicate event listener in EventListenerSupport Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1134 lang.* Add methods to check numbers against NaN and inifinite to Validate Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1115 lang.reflect.* Add support for varargs in ConstructorUtils, MemberUtils, and MethodUtils Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1111 Fix FindBugs warnings in DurationFormatUtils Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1107 lang.time.* Fix parsing edge cases in FastDateParser Improvement Fixed Resolved