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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
LANG-1125 Website No release notes for version 3.4 Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-899 lang.* StringUtils lastIndexOf(String str, char searchChar, int startPos) not working Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-894 The "contributing patches" link on the website is broken Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-876 Javadocs are 404 Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-868 lang.* Javadoc examples for StringUtils#repeat(char,int) have arguments in in reverse order Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-759 lang.* Add Support in SystemUtils for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-549 Need to release the latest code! Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-442 Internal links on User Guide page don't work Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-327 Overview doc for version 2.3 still specifies version 2.2 Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-1324 lang.* StringUtils and null Improvement Fixed Closed
LANG-495 Possible implementation of max/min using generics Improvement Fixed Closed
LANG-801 lang.* Util for conversion between primitive types New Feature Fixed Closed
LANG-797 lang.* StringEscapeUtils.escapeJson New Feature Fixed Closed
LANG-618 lang.* Add an Assert class to simplify programming. New Feature Fixed Closed
LANG-485 lang.* StringUtils/WordUtils camelize - underscore functionality New Feature Fixed Closed
LANG-525 General Apply patches from 3.0 to 2.5 if a 2.5 release happens Task Fixed Closed
LANG-392 Improve javadoc samples Task Fixed Closed
LANG-1325 Increase test coverage of ToStringBuilder class to 100% Test Fixed Resolved
LANG-852 lang.time.* Insufficient datetime pattern in FastDateParserTest Test Fixed Closed
LANG-465 Better advertizing of utils Wish Fixed Closed
2.7 LANG-803 lang.* LocaleUtils - DCL idiom is not thread-safe Bug Fixed Closed
3.7 LANG-1362 lang.time.* Fix tests DateUtilsTest for Java 9 with en_GB locale Bug Fixed Resolved
3.7 LANG-1361 lang.exception.* ExceptionUtils.getThrowableList() is using deprecated ExceptionUtils.getCause() Bug Fixed Resolved
3.7 LANG-1360 lang.* Add methods to ClassUtils to get various forms of class names in a null-safe manner Bug Fixed Resolved
3.7 LANG-1357 lang.time.* org.apache.commons.lang3.time.FastDateParser should use toUpperCase(Locale) Bug Fixed Closed
3.7 LANG-1355 lang.time.* TimeZone.getTimeZone() in FastDateParser causes resource contention Bug Fixed Resolved
3.7 LANG-1350 lang.reflect.* ConstructorUtils.invokeConstructor(Class, Object...) regression Bug Fixed Resolved
3.7 LANG-1349 lang.builder.* EqualsBuilder#isRegistered: swappedPair construction bug Bug Fixed Resolved
3.7 LANG-1348 lang.reflect.* StackOverflowError on TypeUtils.toString(...) for a generic return type of Enum.valueOf Bug Fixed Resolved
3.7 LANG-1358 Improve StringUtils#replace throughput Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.7 LANG-1365 lang.* Fix NullPointerException in isJavaVersionAtLeast on Java 10, add SystemUtils.IS_JAVA_10, add JavaVersion.JAVA_10 New Feature Fixed Closed
3.7 LANG-1346 Remove deprecation from RandomStringUtils Task Fixed Resolved
3.6 LANG-1337 lang.* Fix test failures in IBM JDK 8 for ToStringBuilderTest Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1320 lang.* LocaleUtils#toLocale does not support language followed by UN M.49 numeric-3 area code followed by variant Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1319 lang.builder.* MultilineRecursiveToStringStyle StackOverflowError when object is an array Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1314 General javadoc creation broken with Java 8 Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1312 LocaleUtils#toLocale does not support language followed by UN M.49 numeric-3 area code Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1311 lang.reflect.* TypeUtils.toString() doesn't handle primitive and Object arrays correctly Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1310 lang.reflect.* MethodUtils.invokeMethod throws ArrayStoreException if using varargs arguments and smaller types than the method defines Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1292 WordUtils.wrap throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1287 lang.* RandomStringUtils#random can enter infinite loop if end parameter is to small Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1286 lang.* RandomStringUtils random method can overflow and return characters outside of specified range Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1285 lang.time.* NullPointerException in FastDateParser$TimeZoneStrategy Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1281 lang.* Javadoc of StringUtils.ordinalIndexOf is contradictory. Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1278 BooleanUtils javadoc issues Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1276 lang.text.* StrBuilder#replaceAll ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1271 lang.* StringUtils#isAnyEmpty and #isAnyBlank should return false for an empty array Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1265 Build failures when building with Java 9 EA Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1188 lang.* StringUtils#join(T...): warning: [unchecked] Possible heap pollution from parameterized vararg type T Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1144 lang.concurrent.* Multiple calls of org.apache.commons.lang3.concurrent.LazyInitializer.initialize() are possible Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1338 Add Automatic-Module-Name MANIFEST entry for Java 9 compatibility Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1334 lang.* Deprecate CharEncoding in favour of java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1317 lang.reflect.* Add MethodUtils#findAnnotation and extend MethodUtils#getMethodsWithAnnotation for non-public, super-class and interface methods Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1301 General Moving apache-rat-plugin configuration into pluginManagement Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1300 lang.* Clarify or improve behaviour of int-based methods in StringUtils Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1293 lang.* Add StringUtils#isAllEmpty and #isAllBlank methods Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1290 lang.* Increase test coverage of org.apache.commons.lang3.ArrayUtils class Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1279 General Update Java requirement from Java 6 to 7 Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1277 lang.* StringUtils#getLevenshteinDistance reduce memory consumption Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1274 lang.text.* StrSubstitutor should state its thread safety Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1272 Array shuffling Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1167 lang.builder.* Add null filter to ReflectionToStringBuilder Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1160 lang.* StringUtils#abbreviate should support 'custom ellipses' parameter Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1155 lang.* Add StringUtils#unwrap Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1143 lang.* StringUtils should use toXxxxCase(int) rather than toXxxxCase(char) Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1070 lang.* ArrayUtils#add confusing example in javadoc Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1067 lang.builder.* Add a reflection-based variant of DiffBuilder Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1034 lang.builder.* Add support for recursive comparison to EqualsBuilder#reflectionEquals Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1336 lang.* Add NUL Byte To CharUtils New Feature Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1332 Add ImmutableTriple.nullTriple() New Feature Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1331 lang.tuple.* Add ImmutablePair.nullPair() New Feature Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1313 Add ArchUtils - An utility class for the "os.arch" system property New Feature Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1307 lang.* Add a method in StringUtils to extract only digits out of input string New Feature Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1304 lang.* Add a method in StringUtils to check for mixed case in string New Feature Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1297 Add SystemUtils.getHostName() API New Feature Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1258 lang.* Add ArrayUtils#toStringArray method New Feature Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-740 lang.concurrent.* Add a Memoizer class New Feature Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1316 Deprecate classes/methods moved to commons-text Task Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1256 General Add JMH maven dependencies. Task Fixed Closed
3.6 LANG-1110 lang.* Implement HashSetvBitSetTest using JMH Test Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1262 lang.builder.* CompareToBuilder.append(Object,Object,Comparator) method is too big to be inlined Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1261 lang.* ArrayUtils.contains returns false for instances of subtypes Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1252 lang.math.* NumberUtils.isNumber and NumberUtils.createNumber resolve inconsistently Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1251 lang.* SerializationUtils.ClassLoaderAwareObjectInputStream should use static initializer to initialize primitiveTypes map. Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1248 lang.time.* FastDatePrinter Memory allocation regression Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1245 lang.time.* signature change of applyRules(java.util.Calendar, java.lang.StringBuffer) is not binary compatible Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1242 lang.text.translate.* "\u2284":"⊄" mapping missing from EntityArrays#HTML40_EXTENDED_ESCAPE Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1232 lang.builder.* DiffBuilder: Add null check on fieldName when appending Object or Object[] Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1230 lang.builder.* Remove unnecessary synchronization from registry lookup in EqualsBuilder and HashCodeBuilder Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1229 lang.builder.* Performance regression due to cyclic hashCode guard Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1228 IllegalAccessException swallowed in indexOfThrowable and indexOfType Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1226 lang.* StringUtils#normalizeSpace does not trim the string anymore Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1219 lang.time.* FastDateFormat doesn't respect summer daylight in localized strings Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1216 lang.math.* NumberUtils.isNumber bug Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1214 lang.* ClassUtils.getClass(ClassLoader, String) fails for "void" Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1210 lang.* StringUtils#startsWithAny has error in Javadoc Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1205 lang.math.* NumberUtils.createNumber() behaves inconsistently with NumberUtils.isNumber() Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1202 lang.time.* parseDateStrictly does't pass specified locale Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1200 StringUtils.ordinalIndexOf: Add missing right parenthesis in JavaDoc example Bug Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1199 lang.* Fix implementation of StringUtils.getJaroWinklerDistance() Bug Fixed Closed