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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
LANG-1133 lang.time.* FastDateParser_TimeZoneStrategyTest#testTimeZoneStrategyPattern fails on Windows with German Locale Bug Fixed Resolved
LANG-1125 Website No release notes for version 3.4 Bug Fixed Resolved
LANG-1083 Add (T) casts to get unit tests to pass in old JDK Bug Fixed Resolved
LANG-1041 lang.reflect.* Fix MethodUtilsTest so it does not depend on JDK method ordering Bug Fixed Resolved
LANG-950 FastDateParser does not handle two digit year parsing like SimpleDateFormat Bug Fixed Resolved
LANG-899 lang.* StringUtils lastIndexOf(String str, char searchChar, int startPos) not working Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-894 The "contributing patches" link on the website is broken Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-876 Javadocs are 404 Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-868 lang.* Javadoc examples for StringUtils#repeat(char,int) have arguments in in reverse order Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-759 lang.* Add Support in SystemUtils for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-549 Need to release the latest code! Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-442 Internal links on User Guide page don't work Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-327 Overview doc for version 2.3 still specifies version 2.2 Bug Fixed Closed
LANG-1005 lang.text.* Extend DurationFormatUtils#formatDurationISO default pattern to match #formatDurationHMS Improvement Fixed Resolved
LANG-998 lang.time.* Javadoc is not clear on preferred pattern to instantiate FastDateParser / FastDatePrinter Improvement Fixed Resolved
LANG-495 Possible implementation of max/min using generics Improvement Fixed Closed
LANG-801 lang.* Util for conversion between primitive types New Feature Fixed Closed
LANG-797 lang.* StringEscapeUtils.escapeJson New Feature Fixed Closed
LANG-618 lang.* Add an Assert class to simplify programming. New Feature Fixed Closed
LANG-485 lang.* StringUtils/WordUtils camelize - underscore functionality New Feature Fixed Closed
LANG-525 General Apply patches from 3.0 to 2.5 if a 2.5 release happens Task Fixed Closed
LANG-392 Improve javadoc samples Task Fixed Closed
LANG-949 lang.time.* FastDateParserTest.testParses does not test FastDateParser Test Fixed Resolved
LANG-852 lang.time.* Insufficient datetime pattern in FastDateParserTest Test Fixed Closed
LANG-465 Better advertizing of utils Wish Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1132 lang.builder.* ReflectionToStringBuilder doesn't throw IllegalArgumentException when the constructor's object param is null Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1131 lang.text.* StrBuilder.equals(StrBuilder) doesn't check for null inputs Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1128 lang.builder.* JsonToStringStyle doesn't handle chars and objects correctly Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1126 lang.time.* DateFormatUtilsTest.testSMTP depends on the default Locale Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1122 lang.* Inconsistent behavior of swap for malformed inputs Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1118 lang.* StringUtils.repeat('z', -1) throws NegativeArraySizeException Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1114 lang.reflect.* TypeUtils.ParameterizedType#equals doesn't work with wildcard types Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1112 lang.builder.* MultilineRecursiveToStringStyle largely unusable due to being package-private Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1069 lang.* CharSet.getInstance documentation does not clearly explain how to include negation character in set Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-979 lang.reflect.* TypeUtils.parameterizeWithOwner - wrong format descriptor for "invalid number of type parameters" Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-456 lang.builder.* HashCodeBuilder throws StackOverflowError in bidirectional navigable association Bug Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1137 lang.event.* Add check for duplicate event listener in EventListenerSupport Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1111 Fix FindBugs warnings in DurationFormatUtils Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1107 lang.time.* Fix parsing edge cases in FastDateParser Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1135 lang.text.* Add method containsAllWords to WordUtils New Feature Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1119 lang.* Add rotate(string, int) method to StringUtils New Feature Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1105 General Add ThreadUtils - A utility class which provides helper methods related to java.lang.Thread New Feature Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1099 Add swap and shift operations for arrays to ArrayUtils New Feature Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1031 lang.builder.* Add annotations to exclude fields from ReflectionEqualsBuilder, ReflectionToStringBuilder and ReflectionHashCodeBuilder New Feature Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-701 lang.* StringUtils join with var args New Feature Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1130 Fix critical issues reported by SonarQube Task Fixed Resolved
3.5 LANG-1129 Remove svn keywords Task Fixed Closed
3.5 LANG-1127 lang.time.* Use JUnit rules to set and reset the default Locale and TimeZone Test Fixed Resolved
3.x LANG-1088 Fix FastDateParse to do case-blind time zone matching? Improvement Fixed Resolved
Discussion LANG-1116 lang.time.* DateUtilsTest.testLang530 fails for some timezones Bug Fixed Resolved
Review Patch LANG-1123 lang.time.* Unit test FastDatePrinterTimeZonesTest needs a timezone set Bug Fixed Resolved
Patch Needed LANG-916 lang.time.* CLONE - DateFormatUtils.format does not correctly change Calendar TimeZone in certain situations Bug Fixed Resolved
2.7 LANG-803 lang.* LocaleUtils - DCL idiom is not thread-safe Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1104 lang.time.* FastDateParserTest.testParses fails in TimeZone America/Sao_Paulo Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1092 lang.time.* Wrong formating of time zones with daylight saving time in FastDatePrinter Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1090 FastDateParser does not set error indication in ParsePosition Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1089 FastDateParser does not handle excess hours as per SimpleDateFormat Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1087 lang.math.* NumberUtils#createNumber() returns positive BigDecimal when negative Float is expected Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1081 lang.builder.* DiffBuilder.append(String, Object left, Object right) does not do a left.equals(right) check Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1077 lang.* [PATCH] StringUtils.ordinalIndexOf("aaaaaa", "aa", 2) != 3 in StringUtils Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1073 lang.* Read wrong component type of array in add in ArrayUtils Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1072 lang.math.* Duplicated "0x" check in createBigInteger in NumberUtils Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1071 lang.* Fix wrong examples in JavaDoc of StringUtils.replaceEachRepeatedly(...), StringUtils.replaceEach(...) Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1064 StringUtils.abbreviate description doesn't agree with the examples Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1061 lang.time.* FastDateParser error - timezones not handled correctly Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1055 lang.text.* StrSubstitutor.replaceSystemProperties does not work consistently Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1035 lang.builder.* Javadoc for EqualsBuilder.reflectionEquals() is unclear Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1004 lang.text.* DurationFormatUtils#formatDurationHMS implementation does not correspond to Javadoc and vice versa Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1003 lang.text.* DurationFormatUtils are not able to handle negative durations/periods Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1001 lang.time.* ISO 8601 misspelled throughout the Javadocs Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1000 ParseException when trying to parse UTC dates with Z as zone designator using DateFormatUtils.ISO_DATETIME_TIME_ZONE_FORMAT Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-996 lang.time.* FastDateFormat is case sensitive Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-995 lang.text.* Fix bug with stripping spaces on last line in WordUtils.wrap() Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-948 lang.text.* Exception while using ExtendedMessageFormat and escaping braces Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-794 lang.* SystemUtils.IS_OS_WINDOWS_2008, VISTA are incorrect Bug Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1102 lang.* Make logic for comparing OS versions in SystemUtils smarter Improvement Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1101 lang.time.* FastDateParser and FastDatePrinter do not support 'X' format Improvement Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1100 Avoid memory allocation when using date formating to StringBuffer. Improvement Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1091 lang.builder.*, lang.concurrent.* Shutdown thread pools in test cases Improvement Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1082 lang.builder.* Add option to disable the "objectsTriviallyEqual" test in DiffBuilder Improvement Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1052 lang.builder.* Multiline recursive to string style Improvement Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1045 lang.reflect.* Add method org.apache.commons.lang3.reflect.MethodUtils.invokeMethod(Object, String) Improvement Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1044 lang.reflect.* Add method org.apache.commons.lang3.reflect.MethodUtils.invokeExactMethod(Object, String) Improvement Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1027 org.apache.commons.lang3.SystemUtils#isJavaVersionAtLeast should return true by default Improvement Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1026 lang.* Bring static method references in StringUtils to consistent style Improvement Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1020 lang.* Improve performance of normalize space Improvement Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1017 lang.* Use non-ASCII digits in Javadoc examples for StringUtils.isNumeric Improvement Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-994 lang.text.* Add zero copy read method to StrBuilder Improvement Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-993 lang.text.* Add zero copy write method to StrBuilder Improvement Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-990 lang.text.* Avoid String allocation in StrBuilder.append(CharSequence) Improvement Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-935 lang.text.translate.* Possible performance improvement on string escape functions Improvement Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-930 lang.builder.* Add JsonToStringStyle Improvement Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-877 lang.text.translate.* Performance improvements for StringEscapeUtils Improvement Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-821 lang.* Support OS X versions in SystemUtils Improvement Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-731 lang.* Better Javadoc for BitField class Improvement Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1093 lang.* Add ClassUtils.getAbbreviatedName New Feature Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1080 lang.builder.* Add NoClassNameToStringStyle implementation of ToStringStyle New Feature Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1033 lang.* Add StringUtils.countMatches(CharSequence, char) New Feature Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1021 lang.reflect.* Provide methods to retrieve all fields/methods annotated with a specific type New Feature Fixed Closed
3.4 LANG-1015 lang.*, lang.builder.* Add JsonToStringStyle implementation to ToStringStyle New Feature Fixed Closed