JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
3.3 NET-509 SMTP AuthenticatingSMTPClient needs a constructor with the isImplicit argument for SSL Bug Fixed Resolved
3.3 NET-507 FTP Option to disable private IP replacement in FTP passive mode. Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.3 NET-505 FTP User specified bufferSize reset to default when FTPClient is disconnected or reinitialized resulting in performance degradation Bug Fixed Resolved
3.3 NET-503 SMTP AuthenticatingSMTPClient does not support non-default encoding Bug Fixed Resolved
3.3 NET-501 Telnet Race Condition on TelnetClient.disconnect() and TelnetInputStream.run() . java.lang.IllegalStateException: Queue is full! Cannot process another character. Bug Fixed Resolved
3.3 NET-500 FTP FTPClientExample does binary transfers by default instead of ASCII as stated in documentation Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.3 NET-499 FTP FTP transfer to mainframe extremely slow Bug Fixed Closed
3.3 NET-496 Util copyReader/copyStream classes should use default buffer size for non-positive buffer size parameters Improvement Fixed Resolved
3.3 NET-494 FTPClient.CSL.cleanUp() fails to restore timeout value on exception Bug Fixed Resolved
3.3 NET-492 FTP FTPClient.printWorkingDirectory() incorrectly parses certain valid PWD command results Bug Fixed Resolved
3.3 NET-480 FTP Wrong passivHost when using FTPHTTPClient with EPSV Bug Fixed Resolved
3.3 NET-465 FTP FTPClient setSendBufferSize and setReceiveBufferSize on data socket Bug Fixed Resolved
3.3 NET-310 FTP FTPCommand conversion to use enum Improvement Fixed Resolved