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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
3.6 NET-611 FTP FTP does not validate command reply syntax fully Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 NET-610 FTP FTPClient.mlistFile incorrectly handles MLST reply Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 NET-609 FTP DefaultUnixFTPFileEntryParserFactory Issue (leading spaces removal configuration) Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 NET-602 FTP Failure to parse times from SYST_L8 systems that report as "WINDOWS Type: L8" Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 NET-596 Telnet NullPointerException when disconnecting TelnetClient twice with JDK 7 Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 NET-594 Telnet TelnetClient._closeOutputStream unhandled exception from FilterOutputStream.close Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 NET-592 FTP plainSocket in FTPSClient is never closed Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 NET-588 FTP FTPClient.setPassiveNatWorkaround assumes host is outside site local range Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 NET-477 TFTP TFTP sendFile retry broken Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 NET-414 TFTP Apache Commons TFTP does not reject request replies that originate from a control port. Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 NET-304 TFTP TFTP send method having issue Bug Fixed Closed
3.6 NET-612 TFTP Allow TFTP socket IO tracing Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 NET-604 TFTP TFTP send & receive don't have progress indication Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 NET-599 Add shorthand FTPClientConfig constructor Improvement Fixed Closed
3.6 NET-320 TFTP Allow TFTPServer.java to bind to a specific network adapter Improvement Fixed Closed