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JIRA Report

Fix Version Key Component Summary Type Resolution Status
POOL-236 Replace JMX notifications with an event listener Bug Fixed Resolved
POOL-143 maven-metadata.xml no longer lists prior versions after the 6/12/2009 update Bug Fixed Closed
POOL-141 Please upload source jars to Maven Central Bug Fixed Closed
POOL-112 Various classes create instances of themselves before all fields have been assigned Bug Fixed Closed
POOL-96 Make "Issue tracking" page of commons-pool website point to JIRA instead of Bugzilla Bug Fixed Closed
POOL-89 Inconsistency with TestGenericKeyedObjectPool.testMaxTotalLRU Bug Fixed Closed
POOL-204 GKOP encapsulate poolMap/poolKeyList to ensure invariants? Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.3 POOL-281 Infinite loop Bug Fixed Resolved
2.3 POOL-279 Thread concurrency issue in DefaultPooledObject.getIdleTimeMillis() Bug Fixed Resolved
2.3 POOL-276 Validation code invoked on unexpected timing. Bug Fixed Resolved
2.3 POOL-275 BaseProxyHandler.pooledObject is not volatile or synch, so is not guaranteed to be safely published. Bug Fixed Resolved
2.3 POOL-270 timeBetweenEvictionRunsMillis from config is ignored Bug Fixed Resolved
2.3 POOL-263 GenericObjectPool close and returnObject is not synchronized Bug Fixed Resolved
2.3 POOL-261 Make net.sf.cglib.proxy package import optional Bug Fixed Resolved
2.3 POOL-259 Client wait time is not updated when max wait is configured to be unlimited Bug Fixed Resolved
2.3 POOL-277 Monitor contention at BaseGenericObjectPool Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.3 POOL-274 Update asm-util to 5.0.3 from 4.0 Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.3 POOL-273 Update cglib to 3.1 from 3.0 Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.3 POOL-262 Make GOP/GKOP fairness configurable Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.2 POOL-249 Javadoc 1.8.0 fixes Bug Fixed Resolved
2.2 POOL-248 GenericObjectPool.returnObject() is NOT throwing IllegalStateException for object has already been returned Bug Fixed Resolved
2.1 POOL-243 Object creation exception do not decrement createCount in GenericKeyedObjectPool implementation Bug Fixed Resolved
2.1 POOL-240 GKOP: invalidateObject does not unblock threads waiting in borrowObject Bug Fixed Resolved
2.1 POOL-246 [PATCH] Follow same pattern in ErodingKeyedObjectPool#toString as in other pool objects Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.1 POOL-245 [PATCH] Typo and remove duplicate null check Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.1 POOL-241 [PATCH] Add more tests to [pool] Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.1 POOL-244 [PATCH] Add more tests to [pool] Test Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-231 GOP, GKOP invalidateObject is not threadsafe Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-221 PooledObject.state does not need to be volatile Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-220 PooledObject#compareTo() is not guaranteed consistent with equals Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-219 Example documentation refers to StackObjectPool which is not present in Pool2 Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-215 GenericKeyedObjectPool - multiple mutable fields not published safely Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-214 GenericObjectPool.evictionPolicy not thread-safe Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-213 _numActive can go negative Bug Fixed Resolved
1.6.1, 2.0, 1.5.8 POOL-212 GenericObjectPool allows maxIdle < minIdle Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-207 GenericKeyedObjectPool.clear() has unnecessary null check of objectDequeue Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-206 GOP/GKOP close() - incorrect behaviour with evict() ? Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-205 GKOP - inconsistent synchronisation of poolKeyList Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-202 GenericKeyedObjectPool.close() can interfere with evict(); eviction[Key]Iterator is not consistently synched. Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-201 Classes Generic[Keyed]ObjectPoolConfig are generic - but why? Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-200 GOP/GKOP don't consistently use getters to access fields Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-199 GOP/GKOP evict() method is not synchronised and is not thread-safe Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-198 LinkedBlockingDeque has some non-private fields, and a package-protected internal method Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-197 PooledObject: risky init of lastBorrowTime & lastReturnTime Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-196 PooledObject.getActiveTimeMillis() does not synch. access to lastReturnTime and lastBorrowTime Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-195 Generic[Keyed]ObjectPool.startEvictor() is overrideable yet is called from the ctor Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-193 It is safer to make org.apache.commons.pool2.impl.GenericObjectPool.evictor volatile Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-188 Confusing PoolUtils.ErodingKeyedObjectPool.numIdle(K key) method; bug in ErodingKeyedObjectPool.returnObject(K key, V obj) ? Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-187 TestGenericKeyedObjectPool.testMaxTotalLRU method falls in an infinite loops Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-182 Issues with org.apache.commons.pool2.performance. PerformanceTest Bug Fixed Resolved
1.6.1, 2.0, 1.5.8 POOL-161 ContextClassLoader problems for the Evictor thread Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-150 GenericKeyedObjectPool.preparePool does not throw an exception if supplied factory is null Bug Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-148 borrowObject should return the exception thrown by validateObject when throwing an Exception to let Exceptions be handled at a higher level Bug Fixed Resolved
1.5.5, 2.0 POOL-113 Inconsistent synch in InvalidEvictorLender, GenericKeyedObjectPool, GenericObjectPool Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 POOL-102 Thread waiting forever for borrowObject() cannot be interrupted Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 POOL-95 GenericObjectPool constructor with GenericObjectPool.Config ignores softMinEvictableIdleTimeMillis Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 POOL-91 StackObjectPool.borrowObject infinate loop when makeObject returns null Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 POOL-90 JavaDoc API for GenericKeyedObjectPool is incorrect for some methods. Bug Fixed Closed
2.0 POOL-82 2 tests failing on JDK 1.4/1.6 on Linux Bug Fixed Closed
1.6.1, 2.0 POOL-222 bug in javadoc markup for BaseGenericObjectPool#getLifo() Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-217 PoolUtils.MIN_IDLE_TIMER could be provided using an IODH Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-216 GenericKeyedObjectPool.ensureMinIdle(K) does not need to check getMinIdlePerKey() Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-211 Proxy support for pooled objects Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-194 replace synchronized blocks in PoolUtils with Read/Write locks Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-186 Update the developer documentation Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-178 Common interfaces and abstract classes for BOP and BKOP Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-175 Add Builders for Configuration classes Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-173 Better config without duplication. Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-172 Add JMX (MBean) management and monitoring Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-159 GenericObjectPool: Add a getNumWaiters() method for monitoring purposes Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-155 ObjectPool.invalidateObject(object) should throw an Exception if object is null Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-134 Parameterize the maxWait time to be per borrow call Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-131 Make org.apache.commons.pool.impl.GenericObjectPool.returnObject(Object) log errors about passivation/destroying Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-121 Provide thread name for EvcitionTimer Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-103 Tracing borrowed objects Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-98 Make GenericObjectPool better extensible Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-88 Better maintenance of GKOP per-pool activeCount Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 POOL-83 Support Java 1.5 Generics Improvement Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-81 Correct PoolUtils javadoc for pool vs. keyedPool Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 POOL-78 [pool] maxActive, maxIdle, maxTotal apply to all keys in a GenericKeyedObjectPool Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 POOL-62 [pool] GenericKeyedObjectPool raises exception while destroying invalidated object Improvement Fixed Closed
2.0 POOL-229 Move AbandonedObjectPool from DBCP to POOL New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-190 Add API BaseObjectPool.isOpen() New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-183 potential new method for interface ObjectPool<T>: returnAndValidateObject New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-176 GenericKeyedObjectPool should support softMinEvictableIdleTimeMillis a la GenericObjectPool New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-100 Possibiblity to define eviction policies New Feature Fixed Resolved
2.0 POOL-140 Rethink synchronisation strategy Task Fixed Resolved
1.5.6, 2.0 POOL-181 Make BaseObjectPool isClosed public Wish Fixed Closed
1.6.1 POOL-235 Add missing serialVersionUID fields Bug Fixed Resolved
1.6.1 POOL-234 SoftReferenceObjectPool swallows underlying exceptions when activating / validating newly created object Bug Fixed Resolved
1.6.1 POOL-227 Unit test failures due to getMinIdle changes Bug Fixed Resolved
1.6.1 POOL-210 Jar manifest.mf does not contain SVN information for Implementation-Build Bug Fixed Resolved
1.6.1 POOL-226 GenericKeyedObjectPool.ObjectTimestampPair fields could be made final without breaking compat? Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.6.1 POOL-224 FindBugs performance warnings on StackKeyedObjectPool Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.6.1 POOL-223 Checkstyle reports "Missing a header - not enough lines in file." on most sources Improvement Fixed Resolved
1.6 POOL-208 Support Java 1.5 Generics in version 1.x. Improvement Fixed Closed
1.5.7 POOL-192 GenericKeyedObjectPool: clear() clears the keyed pool but does not decrease the item counter Bug Fixed Closed
1.5.7 POOL-189 close() does not release threads blocked on borrowObject() Bug Fixed Closed
1.5.6 POOL-184 Premature starvation in GenericObjectPool when borrowObject() and evict() are executed concurrently Bug Fixed Closed
1.5.6 POOL-180 Max active per key can be exceeded by one Bug Fixed Closed