Class BooleanConverters

  extended by org.apache.commons.convert.BooleanConverters
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class BooleanConverters
extends Object
implements ConverterLoader

Boolean Converter classes.

Nested Class Summary
static class BooleanConverters.BooleanToInteger
          An object that converts a Boolean to an Integer.
static class BooleanConverters.IntegerToBoolean
          An object that converts an Integer to a Boolean.
static class BooleanConverters.StringToBoolean
          An object that converts a String to a Boolean.
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void loadConverters()
          Create and register converters with the Java object type conversion framework.
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Constructor Detail


public BooleanConverters()
Method Detail


public void loadConverters()
Description copied from interface: ConverterLoader
Create and register converters with the Java object type conversion framework. If the converter extends one of the converter abstract classes, then the converter will register itself when an instance is created. Otherwise, call Converters.registerConverter(Converter) with the Converter instance.

Specified by:
loadConverters in interface ConverterLoader

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