Package org.apache.commons.functor.core

Commonly used functor implementations.


Class Summary
Constant<T> Evaluates to constant value.
Identity<T> Evaluates to its input argument.
IsEqual<L,R> Tests true iff its arguments are equal or both null.
IsInstance<T> Tests true iff its argument is an instance of some specified Class.
IsNotEqual<L,R> Tests true iff its arguments are not equal or both null.
IsNotNull<T> Tests false iff its argument is null.
IsNotSame<L,R> Tests the reference (!=) inequality of its arguments.
IsNull<A> Tests true iff its argument is null.
IsSame<L,R> Tests the reference (==) equality of its arguments.
LeftIdentity Holder class for a left-identity BinaryFunction (evaluates to the left argument) and a left-identity BinaryPredicate (tests whether left Boolean argument equals Boolean.TRUE).
Limit A predicate that returns true the first n times it is invoked.
NoOp A procedure that does nothing at all.
Offset A predicate that returns false the first n times it is invoked, and true thereafter.
RightIdentity Holder class for a right-identity BinaryFunction (evaluates to the right argument) and a right-identity BinaryPredicate (tests whether right Boolean argument equals Boolean.TRUE).

Package org.apache.commons.functor.core Description

Commonly used functor implementations.

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