Commons Pipeline (Sandbox) 1.0-SNAPSHOT API

org.apache.commons.pipeline This package provides a set of pipeline utilities designed around work queues that run in parallel to sequentially process data objects.
org.apache.commons.pipeline.config This package provides utilities for creating executing a pipeline using Digester.
org.apache.commons.pipeline.driver This package contains implementations of the StageDriver and StageDriverFactory interfaces.
org.apache.commons.pipeline.event Simple event implementations that are useful for pipeline monitoring and control.
org.apache.commons.pipeline.listener Sample implementations of the StageEventListener interface used for testing.
org.apache.commons.pipeline.server Code required to set up a pipeline to run as a server.
org.apache.commons.pipeline.stage A few simple Stage implementations for common use cases.
org.apache.commons.pipeline.testFramework Framework classes used to simplify unit test development for pipeline stages.
org.apache.commons.pipeline.validation Utilities for validating stage connectivity within a pipeline.


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