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AbstractArrayConverter, AbstractConverter, ArrayConverter, BaseLocaleConverter, BigDecimalConverter, BigDecimalLocaleConverter, BigIntegerConverter, BigIntegerLocaleConverter, BooleanArrayConverter, BooleanConverter, ByteArrayConverter, ByteConverter, ByteLocaleConverter, CalendarConverter, CharacterArrayConverter, CharacterConverter, ClassConverter, ConverterFacade, DateConverter, DateLocaleConverter, DateTimeConverter, DecimalLocaleConverter, DoubleArrayConverter, DoubleConverter, DoubleLocaleConverter, FileConverter, FloatArrayConverter, FloatConverter, FloatLocaleConverter, IntegerArrayConverter, IntegerConverter, IntegerLocaleConverter, LongArrayConverter, LongConverter, LongLocaleConverter, NumberConverter, ShortArrayConverter, ShortConverter, ShortLocaleConverter, SqlDateConverter, SqlDateLocaleConverter, SqlTimeConverter, SqlTimeLocaleConverter, SqlTimestampConverter, SqlTimestampLocaleConverter, StringArrayConverter, StringConverter, StringLocaleConverter, URLConverter

public interface Converter

General purpose data type converter that can be registered and used within the BeanUtils package to manage the conversion of objects from one type to another.

Converter subclasses bundled with the BeanUtils library are required to be thread-safe, as users of the library may call conversion methods from more than one thread simultaneously.

Custom converter subclasses created by users of the library can be non-thread-safe if the application using them is single-threaded. However it is recommended that they be written in a thread-safe manner anyway.

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Method Summary
 Object convert(Class type, Object value)
          Convert the specified input object into an output object of the specified type.

Method Detail


Object convert(Class type,
               Object value)
Convert the specified input object into an output object of the specified type.

type - Data type to which this value should be converted
value - The input value to be converted
The converted value
ConversionException - if conversion cannot be performed successfully

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