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Packages that use WrapDynaClass
org.apache.commons.beanutils The Bean Introspection Utilities component of the Apache Commons subproject offers low-level utility classes that assist in getting and setting property values on Java classes that follow the naming design patterns outlined in the JavaBeans Specification, as well as mechanisms for dynamically defining and accessing bean properties. 

Uses of WrapDynaClass in org.apache.commons.beanutils

Fields in org.apache.commons.beanutils declared as WrapDynaClass
protected  WrapDynaClass WrapDynaBean.dynaClass
          The DynaClass "base class" that this DynaBean is associated with.

Methods in org.apache.commons.beanutils that return WrapDynaClass
static WrapDynaClass WrapDynaClass.createDynaClass(Class beanClass)
          Create (if necessary) and return a new WrapDynaClass instance for the specified bean class.

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