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Thrown when more than one option in an option group has been provided.
Exception thrown when an option can't be identified from a partial name.
since 1.3, use the DefaultParser instead
Represents list of arguments parsed against a Options descriptor.
A nested builder class to create CommandLine instance using descriptive methods.
A class that implements the CommandLineParser interface can parse a String array according to the Options specified and return a CommandLine.
The definition of the functional interface to call when doing a conversion.
Default parser.
A nested builder class to create DefaultParser instances using descriptive methods.
Deprecated attributes.
since 1.3, use the DefaultParser instead
A formatter of help messages for command line options.
Thrown when an option requiring an argument is not provided with an argument.
Thrown when a required option has not been provided.
Describes a single command-line option.
Builds Option instances using descriptive methods.
since 1.3, use Option.builder(String) instead
A group of mutually exclusive options.
Main entry-point into the library.
Base for Exceptions thrown during parsing of a command-line.
since 1.3, the two-pass parsing with the flatten method is not enough flexible to handle complex cases
Allows Options to be created from a single String.
since 1.3, use the DefaultParser instead
TypeHandler will handle the pluggable conversion and verification of Option types.
Thrown during parsing signaling an unrecognized option.