Package org.apache.commons.cli

Commons CLI 1.1


Interface Summary
CommandLineParser A class that implements the CommandLineParser interface can parse a String array according to the Options specified and return a CommandLine.

Class Summary
BasicParser The class BasicParser provides a very simple implementation of the flatten method.
CommandLine Represents list of arguments parsed against a Options descriptor.
GnuParser The class GnuParser provides an implementation of the flatten method.
HelpFormatter A formatter of help messages for the current command line options
Option Describes a single command-line option.
OptionBuilder OptionBuilder allows the user to create Options using descriptive methods.
OptionGroup A group of mutually exclusive options.
Options Main entry-point into the library.
OptionValidator Validates an Option string.
Parser Parser creates CommandLines.
PatternOptionBuilder Allows Options to be created from a single String.
PosixParser The class PosixParser provides an implementation of the flatten method.
TypeHandler This is a temporary implementation.

Exception Summary
AlreadySelectedException Thrown when more than one option in an option group has been provided.
MissingArgumentException Thrown when an option requiring an argument is not provided with an argument.
MissingOptionException Thrown when a required option has not been provided.
ParseException Base for Exceptions thrown during parsing of a command-line.
UnrecognizedOptionException Exception thrown during parsing signalling an unrecognized option was seen.

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Commons CLI 1.1

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