Interface SortedBag<E>

Type Parameters:
E - the type of elements in this bag
All Superinterfaces:
Bag<E>, Collection<E>, Iterable<E>
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractSortedBagDecorator, CollectionSortedBag, PredicatedSortedBag, SynchronizedSortedBag, TransformedSortedBag, TreeBag, UnmodifiableSortedBag

public interface SortedBag<E> extends Bag<E>
Defines a type of Bag that maintains a sorted order among its unique representative members.
  • Method Details

    • comparator

      Comparator<? super E> comparator()
      Returns the comparator associated with this sorted set, or null if it uses its elements' natural ordering.
      the comparator in use, or null if natural ordering
    • first

      E first()
      Returns the first (lowest) member.
      the first element in the sorted bag
    • last

      E last()
      Returns the last (highest) member.
      the last element in the sorted bag