Interface BloomFilterExtractor

All Known Implementing Classes:
LayeredBloomFilter, LayerManager
Functional Interface:
This is a functional interface and can therefore be used as the assignment target for a lambda expression or method reference.

Produces Bloom filters from a collection (e.g. LayeredBloomFilter).
  • Method Details

    • fromBloomFilterArray

      Creates a BloomFilterExtractor from an array of Bloom filters.
      • The asBloomFilterArray() method returns a copy of the original array with references to the original filters.
      • The forEachBloomFilterPair() method uses references to the original filters.

      All modifications to the Bloom filters are reflected in the original filters

      filters - The filters to be returned by the extractor.
      THe BloomFilterExtractor containing the filters.
    • asBloomFilterArray

      Return an array of the Bloom filters in the collection.

      Implementations should specify if the array contains deep copies, immutable instances, or references to the filters in the collection.

      The default method returns a deep copy of the enclosed filters.

      An array of Bloom filters.
    • flatten

      default BloomFilter flatten()
      Create a standard (non-layered) Bloom filter by merging all of the layers. If the filter is empty this method will return an empty Bloom filter.
      the merged bloom filter.
    • processBloomFilters

      boolean processBloomFilters(Predicate<BloomFilter> bloomFilterPredicate)
      Executes a Bloom filter Predicate on each Bloom filter in the collection. The ordering of the Bloom filters is not specified by this interface.
      bloomFilterPredicate - the predicate to evaluate each Bloom filter with.
      false when the first filter fails the predicate test. Returns true if all filters pass the test.
    • processBloomFilterPair

      Applies the func to each Bloom filter pair in order. Will apply all of the Bloom filters from the other BloomFilterExtractor to this extractor. If either this extractor or other extractor has fewer BloomFilters ths method will provide null for all excess calls to the func.

      This implementation returns references to the Bloom filter. Other implementations should specify if the array contains deep copies, immutable instances, or references to the filters in the collection.

      other - The other BloomFilterExtractor that provides the y values in the (x,y) pair.
      func - The function to apply.
      true if the func returned true for every pair, false otherwise.