All Implemented Interfaces:
Closeable, AutoCloseable

public class SevenZFile extends Object implements Closeable
Reads a 7z file, using SeekableByteChannel under the covers.

The 7z file format is a flexible container that can contain many compression and encryption types, but at the moment only only Copy, LZMA, LZMA2, BZIP2, Deflate and AES-256 + SHA-256 are supported.

The format is very Windows/Intel specific, so it uses little-endian byte order, doesn't store user/group or permission bits, and represents times using NTFS timestamps (100 nanosecond units since 1 January 1601). Hence the official tools recommend against using it for backup purposes on *nix, and recommend .tar.7z or .tar.lzma or .tar.xz instead.

Both the header and file contents may be compressed and/or encrypted. With both encrypted, neither file names nor file contents can be read, but the use of encryption isn't plausibly deniable.

Multi volume archives can be read by concatenating the parts in correct order - either manually or by using {link org.apache.commons.compress.utils.MultiReadOnlySeekableByteChannel} for example.

This class is not thread-safe