Class BZip2CompressorOutputStream

All Implemented Interfaces:
Closeable, Flushable, AutoCloseable

An output stream that compresses into the BZip2 format into another stream.

The compression requires large amounts of memory. Thus you should call the close() method as soon as possible, to force BZip2CompressorOutputStream to release the allocated memory.

You can shrink the amount of allocated memory and maybe raise the compression speed by choosing a lower blocksize, which in turn may cause a lower compression ratio. You can avoid unnecessary memory allocation by avoiding using a blocksize which is bigger than the size of the input.

You can compute the memory usage for compressing by the following formula:

 <code>400k + (9 * blocksize)</code>.

To get the memory required for decompression by BZip2CompressorInputStream use

 <code>65k + (5 * blocksize)</code>.
Memory usage by blocksize
Memory usage by blocksize
Blocksize Compression
memory usage
memory usage
100k 1300k 565k
200k 2200k 1065k
300k 3100k 1565k
400k 4000k 2065k
500k 4900k 2565k
600k 5800k 3065k
700k 6700k 3565k
800k 7600k 4065k
900k 8500k 4565k

For decompression BZip2CompressorInputStream allocates less memory if the bzipped input is smaller than one block.

Instances of this class are not threadsafe.

TODO: Update to BZip2 1.0.1

This class is not thread-safe