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Package Summary
The Configuration main package.
In this package a Configuration implementation can be found that implements the DynaBean interface.
This package contains the implementations of configuration builder classes used to create new Configuration objects.
A package containing the implementation of the builder for combined configurations.
This package defines a fluent API for setting up fully configured configuration builders.
This package contains interfaces and classes related to data type conversions.
This package contains interfaces and classes for receiving notifications about changes at configurations.
This package contains all exception classes used by this library.
A package with helper classes used for interpolation (variable substitution).
A package with classes related to I/O operations.
Configuration classes supporting NeXT / OpenStep /GNUStep style configuration.
This package contains classes and interfaces related to the reloading mechanism.
A package containing EntityResolvers.
A package containing integrations for the Spring Framework.
A package containing interfaces and classes related to synchronization of configurations.
A package with helper and utility classes used by hierarchical configurations.
This package contains the XPathExpressionEngine class which enables XPATH support for querying configuration properties.
This package contains some implementations of the Configuration interface that are useful in web environments.