Class NodeAddData<T>

Type Parameters:
T - the type of nodes this class can handle

public class NodeAddData<T> extends Object

A simple data class used by ExpressionEngine to store the results of the prepareAdd() operation.

If a new property is to be added to a configuration, the affected Configuration object must know, where in its hierarchy of configuration nodes new elements have to be added. This information is obtained by an ExpressionEngine object that interprets the key of the new property. This expression engine will pack all information necessary for the configuration to perform the add operation in an instance of this class.

Information managed by this class contains:

  • the configuration node, to which new elements must be added
  • the name of the new node
  • whether the new node is a child node or an attribute node
  • if a whole branch is to be added at once, the names of all nodes between the parent node (the target of the add operation) and the new node
  • Constructor Details

    • NodeAddData

      public NodeAddData(T parentNode, String newName, boolean isAttr, Collection<String> intermediateNodes)
      Creates a new instance of NodeAddData and initializes it.
      parentNode - the parent node of the add operation
      newName - the name of the new node
      isAttr - flag whether the new node is an attribute
      intermediateNodes - an optional collection with path nodes
  • Method Details

    • getNewNodeName

      Gets the name of the new node.
      the new node's name
    • getParent

      public T getParent()
      Gets the parent node.
      the parent node
    • getPathNodes

      Gets a list with further nodes that must be added. This is needed if a complete branch is to be added at once. For instance, imagine that there exists only a node database. Now the key database.connection.settings.username (assuming the syntax of the default expression engine) is to be added. Then username is the name of the new node, but the nodes connection and settings must be added to the parent node first. In this example these names would be returned by this method.
      a list with the names of nodes that must be added as parents of the new node (never null)
    • isAttribute

      public boolean isAttribute()
      Returns a flag if the new node to be added is an attribute.
      true for an attribute node, false for a child node